STOP blagging your business. It deserves more than that…

buy cheap generic Seroquel online Do you feel like you’ve tried all the content ideas? Tried to launch? Tried to do PR?
But with ZERO success? Or perhaps a small bit of success not worth shouting about?
This is where our coaching programmes shine…

Kasūr It wasn’t that long ago that marketing was NOT working for me. I was spending so much time using certain hashtags, conversing in Twitter networking hours, engaging in FB groups, writing emails and spending hours at in person networking events.

dreamingly Yet it just wasn’t getting me where I wanted to be. It felt like I was banging my head against the wall, with no sign of it letting up at any point.

I was overwhelmed by all I felt I needed to be doing, the amount I was showing up and the lack of results I was creating.

My bank account didn’t represent the amount of time and effort I was putting in. I had no strategy. No systems. No plan. Just seemed to be endlessly creating content that wasn’t going anywhere.

And I KNOW this resonates with you too…

So if you’re reading to say YES to your business working for you then here’s what you’ll get:

✔︎ One to one coaching calls held on Zoom
✔︎ All of the strategy, tools and resources you need to increase your brand awareness, have the sales you desire and hit your goals CONSISTENTLY
✔︎ Lifetime access to my private Facebook group for coaching clients
✔︎ Monthly guest experts covering subjects including money mindset, finances, SEO, digital marketing and owning your brilliance
✔︎ Complimentary morning routine notepad to help you start EVERY day the right way
✔︎ My 6 figure strategy – how I changed my mindset and started making my marketing work for me, helping me hit 6 figures completely organically in just 10 months
✔︎ How you can work smarter not harder
✔︎ Access to my team and network
✔︎ Plus a whole load more!

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So be honest, do you equate with any of the following situations:

✔︎Feel you’re not getting the sales you desire?
✔︎Feel you’re not getting the sales you desire?
✔︎ You’re fed up of the work you’re putting in, but not the results you’re getting out
✔︎ You find yourself chasing payments, trying to get people to buy from you and feel the money is always going out rather than coming in?
✔︎You find you’re losing your love for your biz
✔︎ You feel overwhelmed, over-worked and underpaid
✔︎You know you’re made for more, you just don’t know how to get there

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I have just one regret in my business

Not investing in myself and my business sooner. The stress I could have saved. The time and money I could have saved. The overwhelm I could have saved.
I waited until my stress had led to IBS and my business was at rock bottom before I sought help. But you don’t need to wait until it gets that bad.
Trust me, I’ve been in your situation.
But I invested, even when I didn’t have the money to do so (I just trusted the universe would help me figure it out and find it!) and then went on to hit 6 figures (and am now working toward multiple 6 figures) go Limited and VAT registered, grow my team and help more people just like you. All because I made the investment that terrified me at the time.
Combining my qualification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Coaching, the excess of £45,000 I’ve spent on my own coaches and self-development, my 5 years of running my business and my lifelong experience in the equine industry, I am bringing together a unique set of skills to help skyrocket your success NOW.
I have such total faith in this programme and know just how much I can help you that I offer a 60-day money back guarantee on my 12 week 1:1 programme so if you’re really seeing no improvement in your mindset and marketing in that time, then you’re entitled to your money back.
Ever feel like NOW is YOUR time? Your time to say yes and make the life you want to create?
Well… IT IS!

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Want to know more about me? No problem – I have no secrets in my business…

You see I owe my life to my coaches. To those that helped me overcome the IBS and ongoing health issues, that helped me get my bank account back into the black and helped me develop a business that can inspire, motivate and serve others.
I had no money. I had no goals. I had no strategy. I wouldn’t have said I had success.
But that was then and this is now…

Those of you who follow me on social media

will know that I regularly celebrate manifesting my super fast car (0-60mph in less than 4 seconds never gets boring), my trip to the Maldives and a certain pair of red-soled heels. I never dreamt I’d be interviewed by Sage Accounting Systems on my struggles, or that I’d be on the sofa of leading US chat show, Good Morning La La Land where I talk all things mindset and marketing. I also never thought I’d hit 6 figures. I admired people that had created such abundance. Going back to my old University (where I did an Equine & Agricultural Business degree) as a guest lecturer was a real pinch me moment.

These things all became possible after I started working on my mindset. I combined them with my newly learnt marketing tactics and created the life I wanted SO badly.

They’re all things I never thought were possible for me, the horsey girl and farmers wife from The Cotswolds.

I have total gratitude for my journey and all I’ve learnt through the tough times, yet I’m here to help you understand that you needn’t struggle.

I support female business owners who feel their marketing efforts are just not working, those who feel baffled by all things social and who aren’t getting the brand awareness and sales they desire and deserve. My aim is to help you with your strategy, sales and success. There’s never the perfect time to say yes to something that scares you, but I assure, now is a jolly good time to consider it.

So I can best support my clients, spaces are truly limited for this one to one programme so if you’re not action taking right now, then I guarantee your competitor probably is.

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How do the sessions take place?

The programmes feature a 60 minute Zoom call every other week plus you have unlimited email and DM support between sessions.The programmes feature a 60 minute Zoom call every other week plus you have unlimited email and DM support between sessions.

I haven't worked with a coach before - is this for me?

Yes absolutely! Everyone has to start somewhere so whether you’re starting out in business or ready to hit those multiple 5-figure months, my programmes are perfect for you! The content is entirely bespoke for every single person as there is no one size fits all when it comes to your business.

What happens if I’m away or can’t make a session?

That’s no problem – I know life gets in the way, you have prior engagements, holidays and other exciting things going on (plus the more mundane tasks of life!) We ensure you have all sessions so it’s no problem if we need to push a session back, we can be totally flexible to suit you.