I’ve been working with The Racehorse Sanctuary for 16 months now. I was first asked to help them promote one of their fundraisers on social media and have gone on to help with many campaigns and fundraising events. Last week I was asked to share a press release about their current situation. It left me feeling sick.

What funds The Racehorse Sanctuary?

The Racehorse Sanctuary relies entirely on public donations. The Founders do not benefit from the charity in any way, yet spend all of their time helping and caring for some of the 4,000 racehorses that leave the racing industry each year. Fundraising events throughout the year are a major help with their survival.

The devastation

The press release I was asked to share instantly hit me. It was a plea from the horses to save the Sanctuary from closure (you can read the full release here). The Sanctuary started 2017 with limited funds after a big move from Sussex to Somerset at the end of the previous year. The move was an attempt to save more money; they could get a lot more for their money in the South West. Unfortunately last year they also had to pull the plug on two fundraising events due to lack of sponsorship which hasn’t helped their case.

“Our financial reserves are now at a critical level and unless we can gain enough support to fill this funding gap and rebuild reserves we will be forced to close our doors within the next few months.” Graham Oldfield, Co-Founder.

Social Media

Social media continues to be a key way of promoting the Sanctuary. It’s our chosen method for promoting events, sharing stable news and updating on the horses we have or have rehomed.

Due to their charity status, I’ve always worked for them at a significantly reduced price. Yet last week I made the decision to continue offering my existing social media management services but for free. It was a decision I pondered for about an hour. I kept coming to the same conclusion. I wanted to help this charity and these horses. I have a wedding to pay for in the next 2 months but the decision still came incredibly easy for me. I would just have to find that money elsewhere.

It’s a charity that is really close to my heart. I love racehorses, both in their racing career and beyond and would have a whole yard of them if time and money allowed. I’m currently on my second exracehorse, and certainly not my last. They’re such incredible creatures that have so much potential so helping a charity that goes out of it’s way to help them and secure their futures is the just so rewarding.

Can you help?

The current situation of the Sanctuary is that closure is imminent if sufficient funds are not raised. We’re lucky to have the support of legendary author Jilly Cooper and ITV commentator Richard Hoiles as well as National press, but we also need YOU.

Please please please pick up your phone and TEXT your donation to us if you can – Whatever mobile network you’re on, you can simply text HORS20 and an amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070. An example text would be: HORS20 £1 making sure to send this to 70070.

Or visit https://www.justgiving.com/racehorsesanctuary/donate

Every little really does help and I’m sure together, we can do great things.