Hootsuite vs Buffer. The great social debate. Both have their perks and their foibles, but which is best scheduling app for certain platforms?

I had always been a Hootsuite lover and user, until I reached my maximum of 10 social profiles and just needed a couple more for a new client. I currently pay Hootsuite £16/month for 10 profiles. If I wanted just one more, I would end up paying £80/month. So I looked into running Buffer alongside. I pay Buffer £7/month for 10 profiles, if I were to increase this, the next bracket is £70 per month.

So it’s purely by chance that I stumbled across Buffer and this exceptionally brilliant (and time saving) feature it possesses.


In total I manage 6 Twitter accounts, including my own. A lot of the content I post is linking back to a website or blog, so I’m regularly sharing URL links into my tweets. One incredible thing that is godsend of a feature is that Buffer automatically creates the remainder of the link for you, adding any images from the relevant page or article. I’d never tweet without an image, so you can imagine my joy at witnessing this! No more manually adding images for me! Most URL links will offer a number of images, so if you regularly share the same link, you can shake up the images you choose to use. Bingo.


Unless you’ve been asleep, hibernating or dead to the world this past week, you’ll have heard that Hootsuite can now automatically upload any Instagram posts for you. Previously, you have had to manually upload, by copying and pasting your previously set post from any scheduling app. You’d then have to open in Instagram, paste your content and then add your hashtags. Effort…

Now, it couldn’t be easier. Simply schedule your post complete with image (image ratio has to be 4:5, so no oblongs) and hashtags and it automatically does it for you. I can’t express what a game changer this is! Again, I manage 6 Instagram accounts so this will be a huge time saver for me, praise the lord for Hootsuite!

Is one better than the other?

The two areas listed above are two of the fundamental differences between the two. Both offer a superb service with very little differences between them and I genuinely enjoy using both of them. I guess it’s down to personal preference at the end of the day.

Facebook scheduling

While you can schedule Facebook in any scheduling app, the algorithm certainly doesn’t like it if you do! Facebook has its own great scheduling software which is easy to use so do take advantage of that. The algorithm won’t punish you for using their own scheduling feature.

My conclusion?

Use as many as you’re happy doing so. For me, using a number of platforms, so ensuring I get the very best from them, isn’t an issue. Some people will certainly like to keep them all in one place. But I’ll certainly be transferring all Twitter accounts to Buffer and all Instagram to Hootsuite immediately. Anything to make life just that little bit easier!