Last year saw a lot of changes within social media. The ever changing algorithm was a particularly important topic. Organic reach dropped and became a concern for many business owners I spoke with. I’ve looked back over my top 10 most popular Facebook posts of 2017 and drew a conclusion of why these worked well. Where applicable I’ve shared the link to the blog expanding on the topic so you can better understand the nature of the post.

My Top Ten

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Eventer Book 1 review – Vic Brant is hugely loved. The fact that my review of her first book was my furthest reaching post (and also had the highest level of engagement) just proves that (pictured left). Her story from being devastatingly nervous to conquering her fear and galloping round cross country courses is one of relatable honesty and true admiration.
  2. Vic Brant Guest Blog – Overcoming Confidence Issues. I’m starting to see a trend here… Again, another piece around our much loved rider, blogger and author.
  3. Emma Brown British Dressage Approved Waistcoat. An entirely unique piece, beautifully designed and made in Britain. The public love quality and equestrians love style.
  4. Hickstead Report. Current, timely and full of the world’s best riders. It’s not hard to see how this piece performed so well! Pictures from Frog & Field really helped give the piece a sublime finishing touch.
  5. Badminton Round-Up. One of the world’s most prestigious and most loved events. Again, a very timely piece when everyone wanted to read all of the Badminton stories and scandal.
  6. The devastating loss of Many Clouds. A much loved Steeplechaser and a horse of true prowess. Emotive and topical posts are generally phenomenal for reach but can divide opinion, so think twice before you type. As a racing fan, the post I created was heartfelt and simply shared my love of a great racehorse.
  7. British Brilliance: British Polo Gin. Combine the words Organic, Gin, Cotswolds and you’ll generally be onto a social post winner! Obviously you can’t always post about these things without looking like a closet Gin addict. But, Organic, local, homegrown, British and Gin are always winners.
  8. Jilly Cooper opens The Racehorse Sanctuary High Dependency Unit. Happy news is always positive and the opening of the Racehorse Sanctuary High Dependancy Unit in Somerset was news loved across the equine industry. The unit is a sanctuary for older, more dependent horses who may need more care, more time and more attention to acclimatise to life outside of racing.
  9. TP PR 1st Birthday. I celebrated my official first business birthday in October 2017 and a heartfelt thank you post for all of the love, support and clients I’ve had over that first official year was greatly received. The comments I had on that post made my heart burst with pride. 
  10. The Facebook Algorithm. In October I wrote a blog on how Facebook was trialling a new newsfeed style in certain countries. The blog divided opinion as some claimed it was all bullshit, others thanked me for the heads up. Either way, it had a huge reach. Fast forward to January 2018 and it’s now in place in Great Britain.

What Made These Posts Work?

Three things set these posts apart from others.

  • Timely – such as the death of racehorse Many Clouds and events such as Badminton and Hickstead.
  • Unique – The Emma Brown Dressage waistcoat is very unique, as well as being British designed and made. A guaranteed winner.
  • Featuring a much loved person, product or brand – Jilly Cooper, Vic Brant and Gin. All very much loved and people are always keen to read more.

So How Can I Use This In My Social Campaigns?

Obviously this information is relevant to my business and to the equine and rural industries. So how can you create high-reach posts to get around the Facebook algorithm?

Keep on eye on timely events – if you can’t attend an event (for example, if you’re a canine company, Crufts) you can still watch on TV, read reports and interviews and draw your own opinion. What did you love about the show? What made you angry or upset? Draw your own conclusion and share your honest opinion, but as always be prepared for someone to disagree with you.

Local and Organic produce, hand-reared meat and small family run businesses are key for 2018. Do you love the cider you can buy from your local farm? There’s a post. Found an amazing butcher that sells Venison reared 10 minutes away? Another post waiting to be written.

Celebrities, the famous and much loved people are always well received in social content. If your favourite celeb is now a patron of a charity you support, share your opinion on it. Or, if a local businessmen has defied the odds and done particularly well, show your local support.

Remember, opinions, honesty and a unique personal angle always outshines the rest.

Good luck with your 2018 content creation!