As a business owner or entrepreneur, ‘me time’ is something that is often forgotten about. After all, it often involves taking time away from your desk and workspace, away from your business, away from your clients and away from the to do list. A horror-provoking thought! But it really needn’t be….

It’s good for more than just the body

We all know that self care and a spot of pampering are good for your body, but did you know just how good it can be for your health and your mind?
Without setting dedicated ‘me time’ – which may be anything from an afternoon of coffee and cake with friend to a spa day or mini break – you’re not going to replenish and refresh your mind, potentially leaving you feeling exhausted and drained. Far too often, we find ourselves working all hours of the day, every day of the week. Which is fine, when the work is there, you feel you need to take advantage of it, we’ve all been there. But you really must set aside time for yourself. I know that if I’m at home, supposedly having a ‘day off’, it won’t actually happen; I love my work a great deal and have a never ending, ever growing to do list therefore I still find myself at my laptop. By taking myself away from the working environment, it forces me to switch off (modern technology dictates this is still not that easy – but we try!)

Me time can actually

  • Reboost your brain
  • Help you unwind
  • Improve your concentration
  • Make you more productive
  • Give you mental space to establish goals and dreams
  • Allows you to gather your thoughts
  • Aids in problem solving
  • Revitalizes your mind
  • Makes you appreciate yourself, your business and your life

In the past year, I can think of just a handful of things I’ve done to ensure I get some real quality time away from my business.

Spa day 

The ultimate in pampering. On the rare occasion that I have a massage, I rarely find myself actually switching off. Yet there’s just something about a relaxed morning at the spa, finished with an hour long massage that cleansed my body and my mind. I left there feeling totally revived with a brain full of actionable
items. Something to pop onto the Birthday list for this year I think…

Mini break

Even just a couple of days away can really freshen your thoughts. Whilst on adventures, travelling and sight seeing, your mind is relaxed and will therefore develop new, exciting and fresh ideas for your business, without even feeling like you are! Keep a notepad in your bag to jot down any ideas you do have, then when you get back, get the ground running!


A simple, easy and free way to restore your senses. Go for at least an hour, find a quiet spot and just sit, and relax. Walking is a great way for your subconscious to kick in, so let it. Make a note of any ideas you have then get your plan into action upon returning to your desk.

When is your next spot of ‘me time?’ Get planning now! You’ll never look back.