2017 was without a doubt the year of the Facebook algorithm. Whether you were on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (or all of the above), you will have undoubtedly noticed the changes. And I’m not just talking about simple changes. The algorithm was one of the hottest social topics of the year, right through the 12 months, right across the world.

In October, Facebook announced it was trialling a new system. The system which may lead to all un-promoted content being in a different newsfeed. Of course, this resulted in horror. Many business owners love the flexibility and the ‘free’ advertising that social gives. Many also don’t have a massive budget to throw into social advertising. So, how can one get around this?


A study by social analytics platform, Quintly, found that video is still king and is set to continue to grow. Facebook users currently watch over 100 million hours of video EVERY DAY and studies show that posts with video have 186% more engagement than image rich posts and shared more than 1000% more than videos linking in from external sites such as YouTube. Obviously Facebook loves video, and loves its own Facebook Live even more.

Facebook Live is a key opportunity for your customers to get to know YOU. Go behind the scenes, offer your advice and guidance in your industry and just brave it! I still to this day hate watching mine back (having done hundreds!) so don’t be ashamed if you do too!

GREAT graphics

Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text alone. That’s staggering. You need to make the experience easy for your audience so by creating clear, concise graphics, social platforms will help show your content to more people. It’s that simple. Personally, I would never use more than 20 words on an image. While it may be a struggle to condense that much, it will be worth it! You don’t want people to keep skimming past your content as it looks too intense!

No, no, no!

Remember seeing posts saying “Like this if…” or “share if this is you”? These types of posts are now devalued within the news feed, no matter whether you promote, have high engagement or are part of a pod to increase engagement, so don’t waste your time there.

So, what are the Facebook plans for 2018?

With video more popular than ever, there will be a growing number and an increasing importance of Facebook video ads. And unfortunately putting a selection images together into a video won’t cut it. While video may be more costly for you, it’s certainly an investment worth making in your business. After all, people remember video content 7 times better than they do text. It’s all adding up isn’t it…

What posts worked well in 2017?

To give you an idea of which posts worked well for me last week, I will dedicating next weeks blog to just that – sharing what worked (and what didn’t!) for me last year. Let’s make this year the very best yet and get the most out of social media.

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