Last month I ran a masterclass on the steps I took to hit 6 figures organically in 10 months..

For those that missed it, I’m going to re-cap now in 3 parts so be sure to read to the very end!!


Your mindset is your BIGGEST asset, second to absolutely nothing. Your success is 80% mindset and only 20% strategy. So if you haven’t got that bit sorted, then the rest of it ain’t gonna stack up!

A morning routine, regular affirmations, goal setting, a vision board and having someone to hold you accountable can really help with your mindset.

For those that are still struggling, I launched an online 4 week self study mindset course to help you create your dream mindset! Check it out (but read to the end of this post first!)…/4-week-mindset-intensive/


This has played a huge part. I must emphasise – all marketing was organic. No £££s on ads. No tacky approaches. Things that you can implement immediately.

One of the biggest things I advocate is giving value. Let your audience get to know, like AND trust you (all 3 components are essential.) Plus it’ll help position you as an expert. Make sure you’re consistent with it. Dipping in and out is the worst thing you can do for your sales and the algorithm.

Also make the most of Insta stories. I can’t emphasise this enough! I sold out my 1:1 programmes multiple times last year JUST using stories. Check mine out to see what works…

Find out what are your audiences pain points – what do they struggle with when buying online? Whats holding them back from buying? Get clear and reach out to their specifics.

Part 3: GOALS

I freaking loooooooove goal setting and smashing! The reason I was able to create such abundance last year was because I set the goals. I set the intention and worked towards it with a coach.

I’m now NLP trained which means I can help clients reach their goals quicker and more effectively so if you’re struggling and not seeing how you can make it all work for you, then apply below for a complimentary discovery call and let me help you see the path!