Some of you may recall my adoration for the first in the trilogy of Victoria Brant’s self-published book, How to Get Your Leg Over. From the second I picked it up one balmy Summers evening, I wasn’t able to put it down. So you can imagine the pressure for the second book to be as good… If you missed my review of the first book, you can catch it here; Review: Vic Brant Wimpy Eventer Book 1.

So when the next pink packaged bundle of joy turned up, I was thrilled… I immediately started reading, and was instantly hooked.

I truly admire Vic’s way of writing. Her honesty is admirable. Her sense of humour faultless. Once again, I couldn’t put the book down.

In this current day of social media, it’s entirely common to compare yourself to others. Everyone does. I do it (even though I’ve written blogs about not doing it.) Yet Vic somehow makes you feel like it is absolutely fine to not be as good as your friends or as successful as your Twitter followers. She also understands that it doesn’t always go to plan. “It’s absolutely 100% fine to f*ck it up, anything less than death is a learning curve,” has to be one of my favourite quotes of all time. It’s true – much alike everything she says.

Positivity ensues throughout. Just when you feel she’s about to get beat, she gets back up, brushes herself down and carries on, even more determined than before. And any analogy that likens a situation to the saving of ones wine is a winner in my eyes…

“Divert your negative thoughts like a wasp heading for your wine, waft them away and sip your delicious wine.” 

I genuinely wish for that to be my slogan of life.

She’s just admirable. Brutally honest, with absolutely zero f*cks given and a true inspiration to others who may doubt themselves. She truly deserves every success that’s coming for her. And I for one cannot wait for the third book of the series!

Don’t miss out, get your hands on a copy now!

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