Oh Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, how we do have a love/hate relationship! Regardless of my feelings on the platform, it’s essential I stay as up to date as possible with all news and ever-changing algorithms, hence enrolling in a global webinar today and booking myself for a session with a Facebook Ads Expert Strategist this week!

Now, we’ve had a while to absorb the news that Founder Mark Zuckerberg dropped on the 11th January confirming the biggest changes to ever hit the platform. Yes, ever. It was something he warned of in October 2017 so it came as no real surprise. After all, Facebook was started to be a social network rather than a business network. Nevertheless, we need to be proactive and stay ahead of the game.

Do we NEED Facebook?

In short, yes.

62% of customers use Facebook to learn more about a new business.

Compared to just 12% for Pinterest, 11% for Twitter and 9% for Instagram. So it’s still a leading platform. People also open their app and check it a staggering 15 times per day!

Now generally Facebook will show a new post from your business page to 1.6% – 2% of your total following. If it instantly gets love, they’ll increase that to 3%. Then 4% and so on. So the more that love it, the more they’ll show it too.

So how can you make people love your content?

In the coming months, Facebook is going to launch a new newsfeed, Explore. Explore is where all business posts (that aren’t paid for) will appear. So, we need to be ready with sh*t hot content for when that does appear so we’re already appearing at the top of that newsfeed. So, what can be done to get there?

  1. Video. Facebook Live or pre-recorded video is essential. Your viewers need to watch the video for at least 50% of the duration of the video for it to be deemed a success by Facebook and shown to more people. So keep it succinct, snappy and superb.
  2. Authentic and timely posts. Focus on trending topics, news-worthy and current items. You’ll be penalised with less reach if people click to unfollow, or if they report your content as being too promotional. It’s a fine line.
  3. Targeting. A relatively new option is the specific targeting of each post, so if you’re launching a new product you can actually target exactly who you think needs to see it, your ideal customer. Ensure you know who your customer is before.
  4. Schedule. You’ll probably know of my love for scheduling, I use Buffer and Hootsuite for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ but NEVER Facebook. Facebook knows if you’ve used an external scheduling app and penalises you for it! You can schedule so easily in Facebook so be sure to use that.
  5. Interactive content. Now more than ever it’s important to create content that gives your readers a chance to interact. They want to get involved and for people to know they’re funny, knowledgable, passionate. Get them involved.
  6. Ads. Don’t just boost posts willy nilly. You’ll end up spending more with a low conversion. Targeted ads are the way forward (and will be next weeks blog post!)

Don’t give up!

Facebook is still the number 1 platform. It’s not all doom and gloom, we just need to be savvy!

  • 60% of consumers visit your Facebook page before visiting your shop or website
  • 80% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from you if you have an authentic, active Facebook page
  • 62% of consumers say Facebook is THE MOST IMPORTANT and useful social media channel to research a new business.

The statistics speak for themselves. And changes of this size are coming to Instagram too towards the end of 2018.

Let’s get those social campaigns sorted and get 2018 off to a fine start. If you’re still stuck – please do get in touch. It’s what I’m here for!

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