Leading equestrian jeweller Pegasus Jewellery are proud to unveil the Leather Snaffle Vitality Bracelet, the very latest addition to their best-selling Vitality collection, combining the amazing body-boosting benefits of magnet therapy with the iconic snaffle detailing that the brand so loved for.

The Vitality Bracelet has become the must-have item among Pegasus Jewellery fans up and down the UK, thanks to the range’s stylish designs and multiple therapeutic benefits. The evolution of the Vitality Bracelet has seen the addition of new colours to the original silicone strap collection, including on-trend teal and dove grey, the unveiling of the braided leather strap, and now sees the launch of the stunning Leather Snaffle Strap Vitality Bracelet.

Available for a limited time at a special launch price of £35.00 (RRP £40.00, so snap yours up now!), the Leather Snaffle Strap Vitality bracelet features double-strand soft black Nappa leather with a delicate 20mm x 45mm sterling silver snaffle and of course, the instantly recognisable magnetic Pegasus branded clasp. Pegasus Vitality bracelet

As with the entire Vitality collection, the powerful magnet Neodymium has been cleverly combined with the chemical element Germanium, which balances positive and negative ions in the body, to boost the effect of the bracelet. But how does magnet therapy work? As blood contains iron, it acts as a conductor of magnetic energy in helping to increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrient to the tissue, making the wearer feel more alert and energetic. The Pegasus Vitality range has been noted as helping to:

  • relieve stress

  • improve sleep quality

  • promote better circulation

  • alleviate depression

  • increase energy

  • increase alertness

  • renew strength and balance

  • prevent mental fatigue

A quick look through the different Pegasus Jewellery social media feeds shows heaps of positive feedback for this ‘little band of miracle’, with even the most cynical customers being won over by the change they see in their own body and energy levels. The Leather Snaffle Strap Vitality not only delivers the same therapeutic benefits as the rest of the collection, it also looks fabulous layered with the black leather and the black silicone strap Vitality bracelet, and with snaffle bracelets and bangles from the wider range.

So why wait any longer? Make sure you enjoy every moment of this exceptional summer weather and give your body a helpful little boost with the Leather Snaffle Strap Vitality Bracelet from Pegasus Jewellery.


Photo credit: Events Through A Lens.