It’s said that dogs are a man’s best friend, and you won’t find anyone arguing against that here. Dog owners want the best for their loyal, cheerful companions and that includes ensuring that what they feed them is tasty and packed with nutrients to help ensure a long, healthy life.   

Many dog foods are bulked out with cheap ‘fillers’ such as corn, soya and wheat, which can sometimes trigger or worsen food allergies and sensitivities and cause obesity and bowel inflammation. Fenton & Charles’ hypoallergenic Chicken with Butternut Squash Complete Dry Food (£6.50 for a 1kg trial bag; £11.00 for 2kg; £44 for 12kg) has been carefully developed with leading pet nutritionists to ensure a balanced, grain-free diet that is perfect for dogs right from when they are a 3-month old puppy all the way through to older age – and it tastes amazing too. Their mantra is “it’s not what’s on the bag, it’s what’s in it, hence their clean and minimalist packaging and intense focus on the food inside.

The Chicken with Butternut Squash complete food has been packed with wonderful, healthy ingredients to help keep beloved dogs in the best possible health. It’s rich in Omega-3 oils thanks to the inclusion of tasty salmon oil and has prebiotic MOS and FOS to aid digestion. In addition, Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been added to the mix to help improve the mobility of your pooch and protect cartilage in the joints, whilst relieving the pain associated with osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. If your dog is getting a little old and showing signs of joint trouble this food is an ideal complement to veterinary therapies, and we’re certain the dog in question will approve too.

The benefits of grain-free food include:

  • Keeping the dog feeling fuller for longer (no begging for more grub an hour after dinner time)
  • Healthier skin and shinier coat
  • Bags more energy.
  • Fewer and smaller stools
  • Less shedding of the coat

Fenton & Charles produce only the highest quality and simply delicious natural dog food that contains no additives or by-products, just natural ingredients and at least 40% meat. For owners who want to ensure that every single mouthful is not only delicious but helping their pet stay healthy and well, it’s well worth trying out the Fenton & Charles range. Everything is available to purchase online, and orders over £45.00 qualify for free delivery: