After receiving her monthly beauty box, Annabelle realised there was nothing on the market similar to this, but for horse-owners to enjoy. From that moment she had an idea. Returning home from university that day, Annabelle shared her thoughts with partner Jonathan and he spurred her to make a simple idea, reality. 

From that day, My Horse Box was born and in December they celebrate a year since their product started flying off the shelves – quite literally.

“I had an idea that there was nothing on the market like this for owners and enthusiasts, and Jonathan had the drive to make it happen. As soon as I mentioned it to him he went online and purchased the domain name so there was no backing out. Since then we have worked together to create a brand thats premium and connects luxury, bespoke brands to an active subscriber base.”

“We liked the idea of the small, niche products and home grown ideas going into our boxes and this is exactly what we got!” Annabelle explains.

Despite only having been riding for a short time herself, Annabelle soon realised the majority of the equine world supported bespoke brands and preferred the upmarket products as apposed to wholesale.

Unsure of the unknown, Jonathan and Annabelle went into the venture with no idea if it would take off or if brands would back their ideas. The duo were taken by surprise when a lot of the big, premium brands backed them 100% and offered them products for the first box.

As if the backing of companies wasn’t enough to excite them, Jonathan and Annabelle then tentatively announced My Horse Box on social media as well as launching the website. What came next wasn’t what they expected at all!

“In just the first month we reached our maximum number of subscriber orders. Neither of us expected it at all, in fact we had to double check we were reading the number right!”

“We said to one another if we sell 20 we would be more than happy, but when we saw 100 orders come in, we were thrilled! Neither of us expected it because what we offer is not an impulse buy, it’s a commitment and we half expected it to be one of those slow burner products that takes a while to get off the ground. How wrong could we have been!” she says excitedly.

Since then, orders fluctuated in the second month but soon went back up to full capacity after a couple of months and the pair are now looking to expand My Horse Box to make it even better.

“We’ve got so many plans to take My Horse Box to the next level, but at the minute we’re discussing what to do next. Watch this space though – that’s all I’m saying!”

You can find My Horse Box at or find them across their social channels: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.