Success means different things to different people. For some, it’s the financial reward that comes with working your ass off that means they’re a success. Others believe that if they’re changing someones life for the better, then they’re a success.

For me, it’s a combination of both of the above. Yes, making money = success. But it’s also knowing that I’m helping my clients get coverage, get more sales and increase their businesses brand awareness. The two go hand in hand. If you’re employed, success may be getting a promotion, or nailing a project. If you’re a sportsman, it may be qualifying for a prestigious event or reaching your competitive goals. Regardless of your industry, employment status and beliefs, these 7 steps will help you get there.


  1. What is the DREAM? If you could have anything, what would it be? Which goal do you want to smash? Once you’ve evaluated that, you have clarity in your mind and are off to a good start!
  2. Write it down. Somewhere you see it EVERY DAY. This is one of the key things that helped me reach a major goal in April. I had a little piece of paper with the goal written on which lived next to my laptop on my desk. I saw it every day. Several times a day. It scared me at first (and I felt embarrassed to have it written down) but I’m positive it’s what helped.
  3. Make a plan. How can you get there? What are the steps you need to take to ensure that it is achievable. Do you need to improve your skills? Do you need more financial investment?
  4. Tell someone. In telling someone, you’ll have someone fighting your corner who can keep you accountable. This is the point in which a business coach is invaluable. They want your success. They will help you get there and keep you on track. There’s something that comes very easy when it comes to talking money, goals or success with a coach over a partner/friend/family member.
  5. Get to work. Ensure your plan is in a workable plan with targets for each week/month to keep you on track. Success doesn’t just happen. It has to be worked towards.
  6. Re-evaluate. At least once a month, make sure you re-evaluate your dream, the plan and how your progress stacks up against that plan. Are you on target? Have you sought the necessities to make it happen?
  7. CELEBRATE. You so deserve the chance to celebrate when you get there. Even if you’ve started with just a small target, it’s still a success.

Good luck – have the belief, make the plan and you will DO IT. I’m just sure of it.