You don’t have to be a professional dressage rider, or the manager of a huge equestrian centre to afford Arena Mirrors. Newly launched Mirror Installs have a fabulous equestrian department which focuses completely on arena mirrors for all riders, amateur or professional, young or old.  They offer installation of training mirrors all over the UK for indoor or outdoor schools of any size, and what’s more, they are budget friendly.

If you want to check your position as you ride and consistently improve your accuracy, arena mirrors are the best solution to help your training.  Even one mirror would be a good beginning, but Mirror Installs recommend starting with three horizontal arena mirrors situated on the short side on the centre line.  This can help you check your straightness as well as your position and aid efficiency. To add to this configuration, having a vertical mirror placed at either side in the corners of the short side really does help viewing the full frontal of your horse while riding down the long side of your arena. Your options are limitless depending again on your needs and budget.  

Mirror Installs offer two types of arena mirror – Prestige, which are 6mm wide, and Classic which are 4mm. This means that they can work within your budget.  Both sizes are 8ft x 4ft and can hang horizontally or vertically. They are all built to be weather proof, shock proof and give crystal clear reflections, as well as having anti-warping characteristics. Even if a mirror does tarnish after a while, Mirror Installs will arrange a good-as-new replacement.

The experienced team at Mirror Installs will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your new installation. They offer advice on all aspects of your new training aid and even give you a three year guarantee. All mirrors are manufactured on site and use home sourced materials.

So, if you think your riding deserves a boost and you can benefit from an extra training aid, Mirror Installs know how to help. For more information on the Equestrian Arena Mirror range, visit

SPECIAL OFFER – Order 5 Prestige arena mirrors in April 2018 and pay just £3100.00, saving you an incredible £350.