Social media is one of the best ways to market your business, but, shouldn’t be the only way. There are many opportunities with social media and for a long time it has been seen as ‘free’ advertising. While it does have many benefits, which I’ll explore later in this post, it should never be your sole strategy. You never know when those opportunities may be taken away from you. God forbid, but what if Facebook died and all was taken away from you? And that was the only method of contact you had with your following? You should always be prepared.

Now, there are many platforms in which to promote yourself, but they ones that suit most brands are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. Which you choose is largely dependant on your customers.

Who is YOUR customer?

For this, we need a customer avatar. Who is your customer? How old are they? Are they well off financially? Do they have pets? What is their job title? Do they have children? In creating this avatar, we have a better understanding of our ideal client.

Where do you need to be?

The younger population are LOVING Instagram and Snapchat, even more so than Facebook. Facebook has the slightly older generation (by this, I mean ever so slighter older, so 30 years+) so dependant on your product or service type, choosing which to focus on is very much age dependant. If you were a business coach for example, Snapchat is NOT your area. However, Facebook certainly would be. 

What content should I be sharing?

This again, depends on your audience and the platform you’re on.

  1. Whichever social platform you go for, aim for approximately 20% of your total posts to be salesy/promotional posts. The rest should encompass industry relevant news, behind the scenes posts, how to guides, tips and advice.
  2. Get your audience involved. Ask questions, ask for their opinion, share emotive posts that will trigger a reaction – all great for engagement and reach.
  3. Share your knowledge. You obviously have an area of expertise hence setting up your business. Don’t be afraid to give advice away – it gives your audience another reason to love you.
  4. Always respond to comments on your posts. Even if someone is simply commenting that your products are gorgeous. A simple thank you goes a long way and is appreciated by the algorithm.
  5. Think before you post – does this really benefit your followers?
  6. Try to be different and personal. Why did you set your business up? What struggles did you face in your first year? What would you do differently if you had the chance again? All of these offer a personal touch and give your audience an insight into your life. Social loves personal. Don’t just be the brand, be the person behind it.

Some top tips

Sharing reviews? Always, always, always share with a nice picture. The algorithm generally doesn’t like these sorts of reviews but we can only do our best to help their visibility. Alternatively, share a live video thanking someone for their kind review and choose to highlight a key sentence or two.

Sharing a new product? Share across all platforms, but without simply saying, “this is my new product”. Try “absolutely in love with my new product that comes off the back of 10 months of design, R&D and production. Couldn’t be happier with the finished product – I hope you love it too!” Share with a good quality lifestyle picture rather than a product picture (by this I mean white background shots).

Sharing industry news? This is always a good part of your campaign as it shows you’re engaged with your industry. Share things that would be of interest to your following, so if you’re an equine physio, you may wish to share a post from a saddle fitter about the detrimental impact on the horses physique of a poorly fitting saddle. It ties your audience into your brand – promoting overall equine health.

Need more support?

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Still feeling baffled?

If you’re still struggling, I do offer social media consultancy (click here to find out more) so you can really get the best out of your platforms. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes and a qualified mind overlooking your content. Social media is a powerful way to market your business and does have many benefits. I’ve got approximately 97% of my new business in the past 18 months from social media – you can too.