It seems as though there is an international day of something nearly every single day – there is a specific day to recognise raise the profile of sleep (though I would hope that it has a fairly high priority for most people already), chocolate (I’m only interested if I can eat some) or, (this is not a joke, I promise) World Migratory Bird Day. Ahem. I love the fact we all have diverse interests but I hope we’ve reached peak ‘day of’ for now…

However, just a few weeks ago, #InternationalDayofHappiness caught my eye and I couldn’t quite get it out of my mind. I write about trying to forge a good work/life balance on my website and social media channels fairly often, and am aware of how lucky I am that I enjoy every single moment of my job. I live and breathe horses and the countryside in nearly every aspect of my life including work, and little reminders of my passions throughout the day are just some of the things that make me happy. Those reminders might be a lunchtime walk with my dog around the farm, or my cherished necklaces and bracelets from Pegasus Jewellery. The brand was founded on a similar ethos to mine, combining a passion for equestrianism with a love of jewellery to create the very best day job around!

Pegasus Jewellery’s designs are full of iconic equestrian elements, such as horseshoes, horse’s heads and snaffle bits in a myriad of styles, colours and sizes. If you love horses as much as I do, I’ll bet that you will find something in the Pegasus collection for you that will deliver happy little reminders throughout the day. You will just adore the elegant Rose & Silver Snaffle Necklace and those looking for a more contemporary look will love the Origami Horse Earrings, and if sparkle is your thing then you will not be disappointed. The collection also includes loads of lovely rose gold items, perfect for all the spring and summer events I’m already getting excited about! Who else is off to Badminton this year?

And the collection isn’t just shine and sparkle to attract the magpies among us – if you haven’t seen the press coverage and customer feedback about the Pegasus Vitality Bracelet, then I urge you to take a look. This unique magnetic bracelet is the only one on the market to also contain germanium, which really does give it the edge! I adore my job, but it is full on and I credit this little wonder bracelet with enabling me to concentrate for hours on end, stay alert when I need to be and get a full night of restful sleep every night. I can also walk up and down the stairs without creaking – what more can I possibly ask for? Pegasus = happy!

To browse the collection in its entirety and to choose your perfect piece, please visit