Well what a start to the year it’s been in the world of horse care!

What started as non-stop storms and the early cancellation of many events led to enforced lockdown due to the outbreak of the global pandemic, Covid-19.

This lockdown, and with it self-isolation and social distancing has had a catastrophic impact on the equine industry as many horse owners were forced to stop riding and many unable to see their horses due to being on a shared yard. I think it’s really hit home now that Badminton week has arrived – with no event taking place for obvious reasons.

I feel this forced time off has really made us think a little about our routines, our horse health and care and perhaps re-assess what has been working, as well as crucially, what hasn’t. We’ve been given something we so often complain about having a lack of. Time.

As I keep Ollie on the farm and am able to tend to him as normal, I’m using this time to tidy the tack room, get caught up with tack cleaning, sorting the barn where I store his rugs and feed and trying to work on my own personal strength and fitness.

I find it fascinating how, as horse owners we do all we can for our horse and so often leave ourselves out in the self-care category.

I’m sure I’m not alone in the equine community when it comes to providing for my horse. As horse owners, it seems our horses always have the best treatments, feed, tack, bedding, forage, supplements and more, while we hobble around aching just to get out of bed!

It’s very much a running joke and I am SURE we can all relate.

The same applies here!

My horse Ollie is an 18 year old ex-racehorse who had a long and successful racing career. I’ve owned him for 4 and a half years and he;’s never felt better! He still feels like a 4 year old thanks to the Animalife collection. He has been on Vetroflex Original and Vetrofen Healthy for 3 years now and he’s honestly never felt better. I do give him the Vetrofen Intense if we’re working on hard ground, having a particularly intense training session, before and after the farrier and if he knocks himself in the field or stable. Being a very fresh Thoroughbred, he does like to self-harm occasionally and those areas of inflammation are always brought down and back under control thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the Vetrofen Intense.

Despite his age (although they do say you can’t teach an old horse new tricks!) I do give Ollie a calmer, choosing Vetrocalm Senior every day powder when bringing him back into work or in the run up to a training event or competition. Lastly, the Vetrocalm Intense Instant Syringes are a real life saver for additional support as and when needed. I use them around bonfire fight and when traveling anywhere – they’re great to support when loading and being ridden, they really do take the edge off while leaving that all important sparkle.

Ollie has such a massive character and I would hate for any supplement I feed to take any of that away, so it’s so great to see him feeling as fresh and cheeky as ever with the support of the Animalife Vetro Collection.

Now I’ve put so much thought into my horses diet, health, routines and management, I’d say it’s about time I did the same to my own. Anyone joining me?!