A press release is one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to get your brand, product or service seen by the people that matter, your potential clients. But how can it help you?


A press release produced by TP PR has a combined following of over 1,100,000. That’s staggering and enough to get you record sales and the increase in social media reach and followers that you wish for. People are generally interested in newness. Whether that’s a new service, product or brand, they’re likely to want to read and learn more about it as their intrigue get the better of them. It makes for a talking point at the yard, with their friends and across many social platforms. You’ve got one chance to launch a new product – make it a good one.

How does a press release work?

In order to produce a press release, some background information on the subject matter will need to be carried out. This gives me an idea of your aims, ethos, your product/service/brand and why you’ve felt the need to launch. I then produce the initial draft, before sending to you for you to check. At this point, any amendments can be made. I request 3-5 high resolution images that I can distribute with the release. Lifestyle shoots generally work better rather than static product shots. It allows the reader to be able to envisage using the product/brand/service themselves; they can relate to it more. Once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with the document, I send out to the industry. Those that wish to publish it (which will be the majority of the recipients) generally do so online and if they have the facility, in print too.

What happens next?

Once the release has been published, some publications may get in touch wishing to know more about the subject of the release or you, the brains behind it! If you provide a particularly rare service or have a particularly sought after set of skills, then they may wish to invite to be a regular columnist, blogger or feature for their publication. Editors are always looking for new content for their pieces and press releases are a great way for them to get a first look at what’s new in the industry.

Matt Waterworth of Expert Bits went on to have an ongoing feature in Everything Horse after a press release I produced about the new brand of modern, affordable bits – please see the article HERE.

What now?

If you’ve just launched a new product, service or brand, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get in touch today and get your business seen by those that matter. Those comprehensive package is available at just £105. Can you afford not to invest that money in your business for a reach of over 1 million?

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