The power of #SocialMedia…

In the past 12 months, ALL of my clients have found me on Social Media. Yes, every single one.

Instagram has proved particularly successful in connecting me with International clients or specific, niche brands whereas Facebook and Twitter help with the rest. It really is important and the cheapest way of advertising. Is yours kept up to date and which should you be using?


Perfect for brands with strong imagery. A real must for boutiques, fashion, foodies, travel and equestrian businesses (after all, who doesn’t love horsey pictures!)


Facebook ads and targeting is a great way to really focus on your ideal customer. You can target specific areas, interests and a certain demographic.


Very much of an International audience, Twitter is one of the easiest ways to gain followers,

leads and reach. Join in networking hours (a list of my favourites for both equestrian and non-equestrian businesses can be found here) and use certain hashtags for maximum impact.


Previously known as the ‘professional Facebook’ LinkedIn is a great way to contact with PEOPLE, rather than a brand. Many employees of businesses are listed with their personal profile, giving you a real insight into the person you’re working with.


Great for getting you and your brand seen! Your visibility online will increase as your Google+ posts do. Google loves you using their platform and will rank you higher as you continue to do so.

If you dislike working with a certain platform, then our bespoke packages are perfect for you – we can manage as many or as few as you like. So, if Instagram really isn’t for you, yet you feel it’s an important platform for your brand, allow us to take the reins. Alternatively, if you wish to manage your own but just need a strategy plan or some fine tuning, we can help with that too. Our social media consultancy session is fun, informative and full of facts. You’ll even get a task list to continue your learning and ensure you’re on track for success.

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