A few years ago flatlays were EVERYWHERE. I’m sure candle, flower and notepad sales went through the roof because of it. But are they as popular and showcased as they were then?

Personally I think not. And here is why…

There was a time years ago when one liners, flatlays and product snaps worked wonders on social. But times are changing. The platforms are recognising that the personal touch is going a long way. Reach seems to have gone through the roof for both myself and my clients as soon as we recognised the need to try something different.

Its all about the stats

I remember analysing my Insta analytics about 6 months ago. I looked at which posts were performing well and which, really weren’t. The pictures of me tended to always reach about double the amount of people that a product pic or flatlay did. So I tested just using pictures of me for a while.

Strangely, I was listening to Jenna Kutchers Goal Digger Podcast yesterday and she said exactly the same thing about photos of her! So it’s not just me…

I’ve also encouraged clients to start trying to use photos of themselves, either instead of, or as well as lifestyle and product photos. The insights speak volumes.

I just feel that followers are wanting to buy into the people behind the brand more than ever and photographs of themselves is the best way to do this.

Audience analysis

Obviously, every single social audience is different, so its a case of working out what works best for your audience. But I just want to challenge your thinking and encourage you to look a little deeper into your insights to see what actually IS working rather than what you think looks good.

I know it’s much harder to get photographs of yourself, and to have enough to be posting as often as you’d like but there are ways around it. Use self timers, ask friends, ask your partner/family member/housemate, re-use old photos or book a professional photoshoot. My sister does all of mine and I obviously highly recommend her (visit her website here).

If your audience love photos of you, and the results in terms of reach, web traffic, enquiries and sales prove it, then it’s got to be worth every single effort!

I’d love to know your thoughts – how do you about them? Do you like them? Do you use them? Let me know in the comments below…