Many small business owners feel that PR is an unaffordable dream, yet this isn’t neccessarily the case. Specialising in the equestrian and rural fields (pardon the pun!) Tara Punter PR works with your business to provide a bespoke service at an affordable cost, giving you increased International coverage in magazines and websites applicable to you and your brand and across social media platforms with a worldwide multi-million reach.

Finding a PR company to showcase your products, services or brand is an important task and should be given thorough thought.

Firstly, you need to find one that has the same passions as you, one that understands your industry and your brand. There’s no point choosing a London based firm with little knowledge of the equine world if you’re looking to promote a new saddle or feed product.

Secondly, you need to like the person you’ll be dealing with! Sounds simple, but it’s so important! While you probably may not be in a close proximity to them (as most PR is handled externally and via Skype and email) you will still need to work closely with them. They’ll be your go to person for any advice you need, thoughts on marketing schemes, new products and to celebrate your successes with.

Finally, it needs to be someone you’re proud to say you work with. They need to have an approachable, kind appearance as well as a professional website and social media platforms. You should never feel the need to hide your PR guru! It’s a relationship that will work both ways, so they’ll be proud to say they work with you and vice versa. What starts as a working relationship often blossoms into a very close working friendship, and that’s no bad thing.

Ready to find your perfect PR person? Just make that initial contact. If you think you may not be able to afford PR help, or feel that your brand or product isn’t deserving of PR, think again. You never know what’s on offer until you ask. Many PR companies don’t publicly provide their pricing, yet this is where Tara Punter PR stands out from the crowd. I strongly believe that PR should be transparent in terms of pricing so you know upfront what costs may be included. That doesn’t mean to say I won’t provide a bespoke package for you. Of course, I work to your budget and your requirements so the prices quoted are to be used as a guide. If you’re looking for something that isn’t listed, just get in touch! It soon can be!

To enquire about PR, social media or Journalism support, please email or call 07812830921.

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