As a business owner, taking care and time for ourselves, the body and brains behind the business, is often the last thing we do. It’s only when we get run down, fall ill or suffer from exhaustion that we realise we’ve been slacking in that department. So with a few easy steps, it can be prevented.

Schedule time off

Sometimes, life can get in the way. When time becomes short and activities to squeeze in become extensive, you really need to plan. In April, my fiancee and I moved house, renovated another while I was working with some clients ahead of Badminton whilst looking after my horse, running our house and running my business as normal. It was exhausting. The beginning of May came around and my body just told me to stop. Just before Badminton – great timing! Luckily I listened to it the beginning of that week, had a couple of very quiet days, then was back on form for Badminton. I hadn’t planned that time off although wish I had. Luckily I completed the work I needed for my clients and kept on top of it all. However, it would have been a little less stressful if I had planned ahead to have a couple of days off to enjoy the new house, unpack and just breeeeeathe. Live and learn. So if you’re faced with cramming far too much into a day, week, or month, do allow yourself chance for a breather. Our bodies need looking after and certainly won’t be able to ‘just keep going’ as we so often try. Listen to it and respect it.


So so often I hear of people having a day off, with which they fill with a list of chores. Whether that be in the garden, around the house, to do a food shop, with their horse, do the ironing, clean the car. The list goes on. It’s exhausting. And I totally get it, as it’s often the only available time to do these things. Particularly if, as a business owner, you also have a horse (or several) to fit into the rather small amount of hours we have each day. But your mind actually needs a proper rest, in which it isn’t partaking in a list of chores. Even going for a walk gives you chance to switch your mind (and phone) off. Take in the surroundings. Listen to the sounds of the birds. Or watch something entertaining yet doesn’t require much thought. Riding is also great, especially if you can go off and enjoy a peaceful hack around the woods or around the fields and away from the manic-ness of life.

Eat properly

Now I know I previously wrote a blog singing the praise a biscuit (or 2) a day as a little treat or reward (you can read it here) and I do stand by that. A small treat is fine and will break your day up nicely with a cup of tea. But protein is the real way forwards…

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling the mid-afternoon lul. You’ve had a super productive morning, worked through your lunchtime as you were on such a mission then bang – mid-afternoon, it hits you. The best way to eradicate this feeling of exhaustion/needing a nap/reaching for your tenth coffee *delete as appropriate* is to ensure you have protein as part of your balanced diet and is part of your breakfast and lunch. Protein-rich food products have been proven to keep you feeling full for longer ensuring you control your snacking and mindless eating. Snacking is generally on sugary, carbohydrate-based foods, which only offer a short term satisfaction. Before long, you’ll be lagging again, and reaching for more snacks. It’s a win win! Plus protein-rich foods such as eggs are so good for you in so many other ways.