Every once in a while, I find a brand that I just adore. Whilst scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across where to order accutane online The Hettie Company. Their gorgeous imagery instantly caught my eye and I wanted to know more. Scrolling through their feed, I was met with lots of gorgeous designs, pretty pooches and pieces of British beauty.

We pride ourselves on twinning hound and human, with great British manufacturing,” explains Sian of The Hettie Company. “We are so proud to be British made.”

Now more than ever, customers want to know the provenance of their purchases. Whether they’re buying produce, clothing or accessories, British production has never been stronger. The beautiful creations of Hettie encompass all that we love about luxury British design. Stunning detail, carefully sourced fabrics and elegant accessories for both the human and the dog complete the brand, accessorising you and your favourite four-legged friend to perfection.

Taking inspiration from the rugged aspect of the Yorkshire Dales, their gorgeous wool fabrics are designed to be both durable and beautiful, a quality they perfect. Upon closer inspection, you can just tell that love and dedication has gone into the design and manufacture of these products.

The Hettie range currently consists of a selection of handbags, a tablet and phone case as well as a beautiful cosmetic purse (pictured left.) The Pet Collection features a beautifully made harness, a dog coat and a bandana with collars and leads coming soon.

The fabrics have a tremendous history and heritage attached to them as well as being eco-friendly, sustainable and durable. We’re in a period of a continually growing slow fashion movement, whereby accessories outshine and outlive their previous designs. People want the option to “buy less and choose well” making their pieces last, through the seasons and through the years. That’s the beauty with accessories – regardless of seasonal needs and fashion trends, they’re timeless and always look their best.

“It’s important to us to make our collection right here in Britain and support British manufacturing. We are able to follow our products from design to finish and produce something of quality and luxury that you can cherish forever.”

My favourite piece has to be the Jasper Dog Coat (pictured below left) – having just purchased a little puppy I’ll be sure to treat her once the cooler weather comes in. A Jack Russell in tweed.. Is there any cuter combination?

Shop now – www.hettie.co.uk