In the first of the British Brilliance blog series, we take a peak behind a brand that covers two things we all love: ponies and Gin!

The Gin industry is booming. Once upon a time, it was the go to beverage of the older generation, but a recent turn around has seen it flourish among the younger drinkers.

Richard Hine, the creator of British Polo Gin, knew his Gin needed to be different when he launched the business just last year, but had to be different for all the right reasons, in an already crowded market. “The gin is 100% organic, distilled in small batch releases of just 150 bottles per distillation, is 4-times distilled and has an alcohol content of 42.7%. Being an 100% organic gin certified by the soil association is highly unusual and we’re exceedingly proud.”

The subtle blend of botanicals ranging from Vanilla to Elderflower to Cinnamon means that British Polo Gin®, does not have ‘the punch’ which is all too often present with many mainstream gins on the market. British Polo Gin® can be enjoyed on the rocks (which is almost unique for a gin and is a real treat on a warm evening); enjoyed as a G&T garnished with strawberry and basil (perfect for a picnic), or deployed into their signature Chukka Cocktail™ (perfect any time!) Interestingly, as well as appealing to gin-lovers, British Polo Gin®, has also been successful in converting non-gin drinkers.

Photo credit: Steve Wall Equine Photography

Despite only being in their first year of business, BPG is already loved on an International basis with stockists in Sweden and Switzerland and customers taking their mini 5cl bottles worldwide. “We were recently tagged in a picture of a BPG mini on the Salt Flats of Bolivia – which is epic!”

Polo plays an important role in the success of BPG – Richard was a keen player himself, until he realised he needed to produce the capital to set up the business, resulting in him selling his two best ponies. Now. the
BPG squad are ready to play and Richard has two he’s particular fond of.

“Brutus [the grey] is a homebred 5 year old about to embark on his first season of adult polo. His mother Doctora was a really powerful and brave horse with plenty about her so we were really keen to breed from her. We actually cut him at 2 ½ years old, which is very late for a polo pony, to make sure that he had developed the characteristics of power and solid hitting platform from his mother. This tactic has paid off as he’s a determined character and loves the ride off!”

Richard with Brutus (left) & Rocky (right).

“Rocky [the black pony] started life as a hurdler in training with Jonjo O’Neill up at Jackdaws. Despite their best efforts and his surging pace, Rocky was not a fan of jumping and as such his racing career never really took off. Now, 5 years since we got him, he’s now at the forefront of my string. Although he is not the bravest of ponies and despite his size [15.3hh] he does have a blistering turn of pace which means that once we set sail for goal the only thing that usually stops us scoring is me missing the ball!”


Customers are encouraged to visit the BPG pop-up stand at any of the below events to purchase a bottle (or two) of British Polo Gin® and see why this company really does exude British Brilliance. Alternatively, they are of course very welcome to purchase a bottle via the beautiful website and use the code, “TARAPUNTER” for free shipping:

Visit the BPG pop-up stand this Summer:


19 May – Opening Season Party (Dallas Burston Polo Club)

20 May – Oxford Food Festival

A recent stand at the Country Living Spring Fair at the Alexandra Palace

27/28 May – Sheffield Gin Festival


3 June – La Martina Varsity Day (Guards Polo Club)

10 June – Cardiff Gin Festival

10 June – Ladies Day (Dallas Burston Polo Club)

10 June – Cheltenham College Polo Day (Longdole Polo Club)

18 June – Cartier Queens Cup Final (Guards Polo Club)

25 June – Warwickshire Cup Final (Cirencester Park Polo Club)



Next time you’re planning a party, preparing a picnic or pondering life from your garden, be sure it’s in the sublime company of a BPG.