Outback Unisex Bush Ranger Jacket

Luxury equestrian and country lifestyle brand Glaze & Gordon bring US clothing label Outback Trading Company to the UK, just in time to save riders and outdoorsy folk from the wonderful British weather. 

Outback Trading Company was founded in 1983 with the aim of bringing classic Australian duster-style coats to the American market – and, thanks to Glaze & Gordon, the brand has finally reached our shores. Their range of high quality oilskins, jackets, vests and much more represents outstanding quality and durability that will last for year after year, and at a very reasonable price. 

Despite images of idyllic summers spent basking in warm sunshine, the reality for us lucky Brits can be rather more… wet. Outback Trading’s range of outerwear is crafted from oilskin fabric (100% cotton waterproofed with oil), meaning the garments will keep you delightfully dry whether you are turning out, checking stock, fencing, feeding or riding this summer.

Outback Unisex Low Rider Duster

The Outback Unisex Bush Ranger Jacket (£149.00) is a fantastic addition to the wardrobe of anyone who has an outdoor job, lifestyle or hobby. This jacket is geared to be comfortable and work hard – it is waterproof and breathable, and has a detachable cape and snap riding gussets to ensure comfort in the saddle or on a quad. 

The Outback Unisex Low Rider Duster (£165.00) is a full-length ‘true Aussie’ style riding coat that will keep you completely dry in the most inclement of British weather. No more miserable days in soggy breeches or jeans after a sudden downpour, as this coat has saddle gussets and adjustable leg straps to keep you perfectly covered up, dry and comfortable.

The Outback Unisex Over Trousers

Out of the saddle but still out in the elements? The Outback Unisex Over Trousers (£69.00) are full of features to ensure their functionality is coupled with comfort – think an adjustable snap waist, elasticated waist panels and side opening for access to pockets. If you spend your time teaching, riding or fence judging these trousers might just become your most favourite thing.

There’s no need to hang up your Outback Trading Company oilskin if the weather turns cooler again either, as there are wonderful woollen button-in liners fitting both jackets mentioned today, instantly creating a snug, dry and warm garment for wet and windy winter days. After the spring that British equestrian and country people have endured, make sure you’re prepared for whatever summer might throw at us with Outback Trading Company from Glaze & Gordon – browse the range at https://glazeandgordon.com/search?q=outback+trading