It can feel overwhelming knowing which apps to use in your business. Buffer, Hootsuite, Creator Studio, Planoly, Later, Tweetdeck… And that’s JUST for social media scheduling.

In this blog I share 7 apps I’m loving right now – but I’d love to know which you love too, comment below!

7 apps for business I’m loving

🔥 Instaspacer – enables you to get the spacing right on Instagram posts EVERY time. Even with emojis!

📸 Planoly – allows me to schedule my Insta story quotes (as I have a motivational quote going out every morning – check it out if you haven’t already!) Also if you use it to schedule your grid, it gives you a view of what the grid looks like and as a visual person this makes me very happy!

📲 WhatsApp – I love WhatsApp’ing my clients! Supporting them, cheering them on and celebrating their wins. Always looking to go above and beyond to help them.

💻 Canva – Canva is the EASIEST tool to create good quality graphics and imagery. Plus their free option is good enough! 

📢 Buffer – I use Buffer to schedule Twitter & LinkedIn, so its great to have it on my phone as well as laptop as it enables me to schedule something quickly on the go if I need to!

📝 Samsung Notes – ANY time I have an idea (and I mean literally any idea, even if its an idea for 12 months down the line) I put it in the notes section of my phone. I also have a notes section for post ideas which has any ideas I’ve ever thought of as well as quotes, stats and stories. It really helps manage the writers block when I sit down to create content. I also have hashtags in my notes for both myself and clients. I have things I’m tracking, people I need to reach out to, a book recommendations notes section and even my yearly goal!

📆 Google Calendar. I literally live by my calendar. So much so, if I’m out running errands and remember I need to do something I put it in my calendar, even if its for something I need to do in 10 minutes time! I love colour blocking too, it really helps me get clear on my time and how I can show up.

Which apps are you loving right now? Any that my clients, followers or I should try?