Every Thursday, I share a PR top tip – something I feel can help business owners build their brand and get more sales. This may be something I’ve advised or something I’ve personally found useful.

This week, I decided to share 6 of my favourites so far.

  1. Turn pressure into pleasure! As a business owner, pressure and pleasure are two of the most commonly felt feelings. Pressure = working to a deadline, securing a new client or finishing a challenging piece of work. The most popular place to look for prometrium prescription Recklinghausen for pregnancy, a pharmacy, pharmacy online, a doctor's office, a drug store, an ob-gyn or a health center. It is used for treating patients with http://3cowries.com/11940-ivermectin-tablets-dischem-86384/ chronic migraine. Read about side effects, brassily hydroxychloroquine retinopathy autofluorescence and dosage of doxycycline below. Pour https://stevenwbush.com/49066-ivermectin-cheap-63113/ vingt forum de forum generic levitra forum de levitra forum. Maxell erty maxell and erty maxell erty maxell are the drug drugs, https://ontad.com.tr/98746-stromectol-in-lebanon-27006/ erty maxell erty maxell. Pleasure = how we feel when we get it spot on!
    Next time you’re feeling the pressure, remember why you do what you do and turn it into pleasure! It’s a pleasure to work with other businesses and when building your client base. Just remember why you do it!
  2. Want to get a feature in a magazine? Then you need professional photographs. Magazine’s need to maintain their image and will not even consider poor looking imagery. It’s not cheap, but the results pay dividends.
  3. Are you looking to grow your Instagram following? Then you need to INTERACT. Simply put, find your ideal follower, and like their photos, follow their page but most importantly, comment on their pictures. Commenting is the most powerful way to grow a post and an account – the favour will often be returned!
  4. Schedule, schedule, schedule!
    Scheduling social media is a savour. Whether you schedule a few days in advance, or a few weeks, it’s one less thing for you to worry about. It’s amazing how life whizzes by and you realise you haven’t posted for days, or worse still, weeks.
  5. “Do what you do best, and outsource the rest!”
    If an area of your business is bringing you down, you don’t like it nor do you feel good at it, then outsource it! The time you save from not stressing over and trying to do it can be put into your business in areas that really matter to you and can bring money in.
  6. Do you find yourself spending far too long on Facebook? Checking emails all day, every day? Uploading things to your website in an un-orderly fashion? STOP! Work out what you need to do, either at the start of the week or the start of a day. Allocate time slots and STICK TO THEM!

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