Pricing is a tricky subject. If you offer a service, you will have wondered whether you should have your prices on your website. After all, you wouldn’t shop online for products and not see a price, would you? Some business owners are particularly secretive with their prices (for some unknown reason) which can put perspective clients off.

  1. Eliminates pressure selling. If customers feel they have to ask for the price, they may feel they’ll be pressured to buy. You should make the process easy for them, with no pressure. Your website should have everything you’d include in a sales pitch including testimonials, a portfolio and all relevant information.
  2. Everyone is busy! Whoever I speak to, the same response occurs. Everyone is manic, time is short and there is a never ending to do list with over 100 items on it. So, why give your potential customers something else to do? Make it easy for them!
  3. Branding. If no one else is doing it, set the trend, set yourself apart and get your branding on point.
  4. Don’t let people fall in love with what they can’t afford. It’s simple, someone will read about your service, love the sound of it, get excited to start working with you then may realise they can’t afford you. You don’t want to be held liable for their heartbreak. Make it obvious from the start and encourage those serious enquiries.
  5. Saves your time. As with point 3, you don’t want to be wasting your time on enquiries from people who really won’t make the investment in your services. Cut out that extra work.
  6. Clarity. In having your price on your website, you’re being clear with what people can get for their money. Yes you may be cheaper than others. Or even more expensive than your competition, but it’s your price so be proud of it and keep it public.

I’ve been transparent from the start. While I offer bespoke packages for clients based on their goals, their needs and their budget, I still have all of my basic prices on my website. I feel it encourages people to look and more importantly, to get in touch. It’s worked for me… I’m sure it can work for you too!