Blue Monday can be really rather trying. Announced as the most depressing day of the year, on a wet and windy day, it’s not hard to see why. But, we work in and are part of one of the most supportive, encouraging industries there is. So, let’s celebrate the good with 20 of the best things relating to the equine and rural industries. 

  1. The scenery. How lucky are we to spend time on farms, at yards and in the glorious countryside. Even if it is flooded and blowing a gale!
  2. The smells. An acquired taste I’m sure but there’s nothing like the smell of hay being made or Oil Seed Rape in flower.
  3. The fashion. Le Chameaus, cowhide bags and Tweed. Need I say more?
  4. Wellies. They hands down deserve a category of their own. What’s not to like about how acceptable it is to wear wellies everywhere (just last week I wore mine to the Osteo in the local Cotswold market town – totally acceptable.)
  5. The animals. There’s the great saying in life – never work with children or animals. Well, I wouldn’t change a thing about working with horses and farm animals. Yes it’s cold, wet and the winter months are long but there’s something so special about a bond with an animal.
  6. The support. Generally horse and country people are very supportive – we’re all in this together so why not help out where we can.
  7. Hard-working. I’ve never met people more hard-working than those that work in rural or equestrian industries. The hours alone are testing before you throw in the weather, the pay and the back-ache. And it’s all for the love of it. 
  8. Good food. Some of the very best meats, dairy products and even Gin come from the great British countryside.
  9. Fresh air. Fresh air is sooo good for you, and something I think we take for granted. One of my best friends lives in London and regularly comments of the clean fresh air upon her return to Gloucestershire.
  10. The stars. One of the most beautiful sights on a crisp clear evening. Next time you’re out on one of those evenings, just look up. It’s truly breathtaking.
  11. Dogs. While there are dogs in the city, there isn’t anywhere near as many! Rush hour in my village is dog walkers, the looney village goose and tractors. Bliss.
  12. Easy driving. Not so many red lights, roundabouts, speed cameras. Just simple country roads.
  13. Walking. With so many footpaths and national parks dotted across our country, it’s a great way to enjoy some exercise and really take in the sights.
  14. Mindfulness. A practice many work on allowing them to embrace their surroundings. In the country, this comes naturally.
  15. Activity. While many feel the need to join a gym, our line of work is much more active resulting in no gym membership being required!
  16. Happiness. What’s not to love about stunning scenery, local produce and an animal-rich landscape. Happiness is aplenty.

So next time you’re feeling down, go and embrace the great outdoors. Don’t just let is pass you by.