The team at TPPR are incredibly passionate about PR because, done well, it is an incredibly powerful tool. Not only does a well-executed PR campaign place your products and services in front of the right audience, it also represents an endorsement from the journalist who put together the piece. Readers are far more likely to pay attention to editorial than they do standalone advertising, therefore editorial in a high-profile publication in any industry is very influential. Businesses will see an increase in enquiries and sales following positive coverage in the press, and this, combined with the extra brand exposure, makes a PR campaign a wise investment for any business.


PR is a useful tool for any business, at any stage of its development. Coverage of the opening of a new enterprise or an event will help attract attention and build useful brand recognition, whereas the launch of a new product from a well-established business is an excellent opportunity to generate media coverage and catch the attention of potential buyers.


Importance of choosing an expert in your field

We believe that the foundations of good PR (including a full understanding of the brand and its position in the market) and strong relationships with journalists and publications writing about that market are invaluable. There is a perception that PR can be an expensive exercise in agency management, but by choosing an expert in your field, any time spent learning about your product and its place in the market will be greatly reduced.

Tara and the team work hard to build and nurture excellent contacts within both the equestrian and countryside lifestyle press sectors, so when we contact them about new products and ideas from clients, the journalists pay attention, knowing that the information will be clear, concise and useful.

Results speak volumes

If you are interested in working with TPPR to raise the profile of your business, do take the time to look at the client coverage page for a snapshot of successful press campaigns. The results really do speak volumes and are proof TPPR makes the grade, time and time again.


The PR Exclusive

If your business already has a strong and recognisable brand but you are looking to raise awareness of a new product or service, this is the PR package for you. The PR Exclusive is designed to deliver print and digital coverage in publications and on websites that your future customers are reading. The package is based on us guaranteeing you a specific number of pieces of coverage per month, with prices starting from £495 for 4 pieces. Get in touch for your bespoke package.


The PR Package

If you would like to increase overall brand awareness on social media channels and in digital and print publications, then explore our PR Packages, which offer a more integrated plan that will work hard for your business. We offer two levels of the PR Package, perfect for businesses of different sizes and with different budgets, as well as bespoke options on demand.

Each package contains social content, promoting your brand, which is published across the TPPR channels. The aim is to drive your potential customers to your platforms and your website. Each month the following content is shared;

  • 1 Facebook post
  • 10 tweets
  • 1 Instagram post
  • 1 LinkedIn post

Even if your business isn’t on some of the above platforms, our posts will still increase your brand awareness, sharing images, some promotional content and a link to your website. After all, 75% of 25-40 year olds rely solely on social media for news and updates. You’d hate to miss out on that demographic.

Package RRP Investment cost to you
Starting Gate –
1 press release
1 blog post,
1 feature page on TP PR website
Social content as detailed above
£756 £395
The Finishing Line –
4 pieces of content – split between press releases and blog posts
1 feature page on TP PR website,
Social content as detailed above
£1,102 £545

Further Services

PR is our passion, as the name suggests, but it is not the limit of our skills! PR is a powerful tool for businesses, but it is critical to ensure that your messaging and brand identity is integrated across every platform.

Tara and the team at TPPR have backgrounds in journalism, social media, digital and traditional marketing and consumer PR. We can provide as much or as little assistance as you require to ensure your business is visible to people who need to find you. This may be in the form of social media training and consultancy, content creation for all social media channels, copywriting for blogs, newsletters, feature articles or web copy and SEO consultancy. Just drop us a line to arrange a meeting!

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