Haygain: How horses adapt to winter conditions

Winter can sneak up on us when Christmas is around the corner, but in January there’s no doubt that we are now facing the coldest time of year and the short days, frost, mud, rain, wind, sleet [...]


Global HorseTech Market Report highlights the impact of poor stable air quality on respiratory health

The Global HorseTech Market Report highlights the impact of poor stable air quality on equine respiratory health – here’s how Haygain products can help The very first edition of the Global [...]


Haygain: How to prevent an equine cough

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Haygain: How to keep your horse hydrated in the winter

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Soaking hay VS steaming hay – all you need to know

As we get ever closer to winter in the Northern Hemisphere, horse owners can look forward to months of reliance on stored forage to ensure their horses are warm and comfortable during the colder [...]


Feeding the way nature intended – the Haygain Forager Slow Feeder

Horses are trickle feeders and their digestive and mental health depends on them being able to access sufficient quantities of forage. Modern horse management, dominated by busy owner work [...]


The revolutionary stable flooring system from Haygain to enhance your horses’ health.

Leading international equine product manufacturers Haygain have turned their focus of expertise to stable flooring systems with their latest revolutionary product, the ComfortStall® Orthopaedic [...]