Rugging for winter – is it so necessary? 

As winter approaches horse owners in UK will be digging out rugs. Ready to keep their charges warm as temperatures drop. At the same time, those changes in day length will have triggered the [...]


Try Haygain’s revolutionary hay steamers before you buy and see the benefits before committing the cash

Steaming forage with Haygain’s hay steamers is scientifically proven to deliver a wide range of benefits for equine respiratory health. The brand is now its giving customers the chance to try the [...]


Showjumper Paul Gaff hits the International Showjumping circuit

With horses ranging from young, inexperienced 5 year olds to Grand Prix Show Jumpers filling Haygain Ambassador Paul Gaff’s Buckinghamshire yard, it isn’t surprising that his focus is on the [...]


Prevention is better than cure – how the Haygain Steamer helps to prevent bacterial infections in your horse, limiting the need for antibiotics.

News reports often state how the overuse of antibiotics is making infections harder and leading to thousands of deaths a year through drug-resistant superbugs. This problem does not just exist in [...]


Landmark study finds feeding Haygain steamed hay reduces the odds of Inflammatory Airway Disease by 65%

The breakthrough research found that horses with fungal elements in their airways have a 2.1 times greater chance of having Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD) than horses with no fungi presence. [...]


Keeping the stabled horse happy with Haygain horse health company

Box rest are words dreaded by horse owners and it can be extremely frustrating for both horse and human, something that is compounded by not being able to explain to the horse why they now cannot [...]


Soaking hay VS steaming hay – all you need to know

As we get ever closer to winter in the Northern Hemisphere, horse owners can look forward to months of reliance on stored forage to ensure their horses are warm and comfortable during the colder [...]


The revolutionary stable flooring system from Haygain to enhance your horses’ health.

Leading international equine product manufacturers Haygain have turned their focus of expertise to stable flooring systems with their latest revolutionary product, the ComfortStall® Orthopaedic [...]