Pegasus Jewellery unveil ‘a little band of motivation’ for Spring 2019 – the #PegasusInspo Ring

Leading contemporary equestrian jeweller Pegasus Jewellery is delighted to announce the addition of the #PegasusInspo Ring to their collection for Spring 2019. The #PegasusInspo Rings follow the [...]

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Mothers Day inspiration from gorgeous gift brand Hooves & Love

I can’t quite believe it’s March already! Despite a downright confusing couple of days in February when it felt like late spring, it really doesn’t seem very long ago we were all writing about [...]


*FREE* 3 day PR challenge – the notes to change your marketing strategy this year

At the end of January, I ran a FREE 3 day PR challenge over on my Facebook page (if you haven’t already, you can follow it here: https://www.facebook.com/tarapunterpr/.) The aim of the [...]


Award-winning Black Nova Designs. What does this mean for the web agency?

As you may have seen, my fabulous Web hosts and designers, Black Nova Designs, recently won ‘Best Web Design Agency Wiltshire 2018’ but what does that mean for them and their customers? I know, [...]


How having a WordPress site built by Black Nova Designs has helped Horseshoe Hearts increase sales

Until a couple of months ago, Horseshoe Hearts relied on their Marketplace listing on an equestrian website and social media to generate their sales, which had proved successful for them thus [...]


What’s holding you back from PR? We uncover all of the myths & explain the miracles

Many business owners don’t actually know what PR is and many more confuse it with advertising. It’s even more staggering that its availability seems to be misconstrued for those in [...]


Equihandee helping children gain confidence in the saddle while developing their balance and seat

Equihandee helping children gain confidence in the saddle while developing their balance and seat – and it gives parents a handle on happy young riders! The Equihandee harness (£49.99) is a [...]


What is an SSL certificate and why does your business need one? Black Nova Designs explore further.

In the current day of technological jargon, SSL may just be another abbreviation you don’t feel the need to know. But in super simple lingo (no that’s not what SSL means!) no website [...]


How you can make sure your businesses’ voice is heard above the competition?

The way consumers buy things has changed forever, and it is all thanks to the internet. Not just that people can sit in the comfort of their home and buy from small, independent businesses, but [...]


Searching for a little Vitality to help us achieve our goals

2018 has been a simply incredible year for me – my business is growing quicker than I ever imagined, I married the love of my life in June and thanks to a lot of hard work and planning, had a [...]

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