Pegasus Jewellery, one of the most recognised equestrian jewellers in the UK, brings you the Vitality Bracelet – a ‘little band of miracle’ to help you tackle new year’s resolutions head on.

The unique Vitality Bracelet from Pegasus Jewellery was created to cleverly combine the benefits of the magnet NEODYMIUM and the chemical element GERMANIUM with a stylish and easy to wear silicone and titanium bracelet, perfect for those looking for a healthy helping hand in 2018. 

Whether 2017 was kind or cruel to you, the new year offers the ideal chance to make a fresh start, set some goals and drive some positive change in your life. However, after the fun  and hectic period in the lead up to Christmas, many people are feeling run down, some with old injuries nagging as the cold and damp reality of a British January takes hold. Not the ideal foundation for a ‘new year, new you’ project!

Why not give your body a boost and make sure your body can fulfil everything your brain can think of with a therapeutic healing band that is streets ahead of the competition? The Vitality Bracelet can increase energy and alertness, aid better quality sleep and renew strength and balance, all thanks to the blend of the magnet NEODYMIUM and the element GERMANIUM in the unique titanium catch.

The benefits of NEODYMIUM 

Magnets are used to improve circulation and help increase blood flow to different areas of the body, speeding up the removal of toxins. Neodymium is one of the most powerful magnets used for therapeutic applications, offering some of the deepest penetration and superior results compared to other magnets.

Magnet therapy can relieve stress, alleviate depression, increase energy and alertness and are used a complimentary therapy in the treatment of arthritis, back aches, joint pain, chronic pain, poor circulation, insomnia, low energy and sports injuries.

The benefits of GERMANIUM

The combination of the magnet neodymium and the chemical element germanium (Ge) is what sets the Pegasus Jewellery Vitality Bracelet apart from the competition. A build-up of positive ions in the body has been pinpointed as a reason for people feeling tired and lethargic, as well as inhibiting muscle function and athletic performance.  The germanium is a little miracle addition to the bracelet, emitting negative ions to provide a balance of positive and negative ions in the body, relieving stress, reducing tiredness and promoting healthy muscle function.

The Pegasus Jewellery Vitality Bracelet – a little miracle to help you tackle 2018 head on! 

If you are serious about getting the very most out of 2018, then the Vitality Bracelet gives your body the extra boost needed to stay rested, energetic and ready to face anything.  Try for yourself, for just £20, and reap the benefits of this unique and trusted product – the Vitality Bracelet is available in black, blue, pink, purple and white, with sizes ranging from extra small (17cm) to extra-large (21cm). Pegasus Jewellery advise that the Vitality Bracelet is worn 1cm bigger than your wrist measurement, so dig out that tape measure to find the best fit.

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