Warmer weather and dryer days. The ideal time to make any changes to your stabling! These tasks can be impossible to implement in the winter months.

Limited turnout, endless rainy days and deep mud all make winter building and maintenance a write-off. So when spring and summer roll around horse owners are keen to get on with their long to do list.

Now is the most popular time of year for people who are installing the ComfortStall from horse health company Haygain. This revolutionary equestrian stable flooring system helps improve horse and human health in the stabled environment, ensuring an enhanced quality of rest for the stabled horse.

ComfortStall’s unique construction

ComfortStall eliminates the chance of stable fluids working their way underneath the matting. It is a completely sealed one-piece flooring system.

A horse enjoying a lay down on the ComfortStall flooring system
A horse enjoying a lay down on the ComfortStall flooring system

It features tough plastic anchor strips holding the matting securely in place so that it is completely impermeable. An IronClad™ top layer can easily withstand the stresses and strains of everyday use. Plus a lifespan of 15-20 years of action before you even need to consider replacement offers it great value for money. Soft PrecisionFoam™ padding forms the heart of ComfortStall. This provides a comfortable yet supportive flooring that encourages horses to rest and lie down multiple times during the night. 

ComfortStall’s wide range of benefits

Improved air quality: The elimination of the seams and small gaps normally seen between rubber matting tiles means that with ComfortStall, urine, bacteria and moisture are unable to penetrate beneath the surface. This prevents the build-up of harmful ammonia gases that irritate both equine and human lungs in the stable environment.

Joint health: ComfortStall’s level surface ‘springs’ back with every step the horse takes. This offers enhanced support to joints, tendons and ligaments. The horse’s hooves sink into the flooring when they rise, giving them extra grip and security when they stand up.

Eliminates hock sores: The soft padding at the core of ComfortStall ensures the horse can rest lying down without suffering from hock sores as a result.

Thermal insultation: ComfortStall’s unique construction means that the horse is protected from the cold and damp seeping up from underneath the matting when they stand or lie on it. This will help improve the quality of rest for horses suffering from arthritis. 

Support for laminitis sufferers: ComfortStall’s unique orthopaedic construction offers unrivalled support for horses suffering from the symptoms of laminitis. This works by easing the discomfort in their feet and encouraging them to lie down.  

Less bedding is required: ComfortStall offers supreme comfort for the horse so less bedding is needed for good quality of rest. Some users have reported a reduction of 75% in their bedding requirements than they did before they installed ComfortStall.

Demonstrable ROI: Owners need far less bedding when using ComfortStall, helping to recoup the investment of installing it in the first instance within a year. Haygain’s online calculator for ComfortStall means that you can calculate the ROI of ComfortStall for yourself.

Explore ComfortStall from Haygain

ComfortStall by Haygain is the flooring system of choice for leading veterinary hospitals, competition stables and sports horse producers. Find out who uses ComfortStall and why here. Installing ComfortStall means the stable will be unavailable for use for several consecutive days so why not take advantage of the time of year, increased turnout time and book your consultation now?