TRI Equestrian is Ireland’s leading equestrian retail outlet, founded nearly 35 years ago in the heart of horse country, County Kildare. They now have two physical stores and an online shop. The team at TRI Equestrian are delighted to announce that they have been chosen as the exclusive distributors for popular American equine brand Epona Products for the whole of Europe.

Epona Products are based in sunny California. They create innovative and natural grooming products for horses and their owners.

The Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer

One of their most popular products is the Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer. A miracle grooming tool that removes dried sweat, mud and deep-seated stable stains. These are often near-impossible to shift with a brush. The exciting agreement with TRI Equestrian means that this amazing grooming product is available for equestrians across Europe to purchase for the very first time.

Designed to mimic the amazing ability of a cat’s tongue to draw dirt out from hair, the Tiger’s Tongue (£7.95) collects the dust. Rather than flicking it off the horse and sending it up as a cloud in the air. Only for it to fall on the groomer or back on the horse. It’s gentle and non-scratchy, making it perfect for horses with sensitive skin. Who otherwise won’t tolerate a traditional curry comb or dandy brush for the removal of stubborn sweat and mud. It is also incredibly effective at cleaning white markings. Ideal for horses who are prone to cracked heels in the winter. But still need to have white legs for competitions!

Perfect for any occasion

The Tiger’s Tongue can be used wet to help with pre-outing baths or washing off. Thus ensuring every last little bit of dirt is captured. A wonderful side effect is that when used wet or dry, this grooming stone also gives a stimulating massage. Horses certainly seem to approve. And they come out of their massage looking as clean and shiny as a new pin.

Lastly, you can purchase the Tiger’s Tongue and explore the rest of the range by visiting TRI Equestrian’s online shop: