The Racehorse Sanctuary has launched its new charity appeal, ‘Become a Friend of the Racehorse Sanctuary. The charity, based at Mulsey Farm in West Sussex, specialises in the retraining and rehoming of ex-racehorses. Some of the ex- racehorses who are relinquished into the care of the Racehorse Sanctuary need long-term rehabilitation or a home for life if they are unsuitable for rehoming. In these cases, the Sanctuary acts as a refuge for the horses, providing a rare and vital lifeline for these vulnerable creatures.

Graham Oldfield, co-founder of the Racehorse Sanctuary, explains the reason behind the charity’s latest appeal:

“The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit our financial situation very hard, largely due to the cancellation of all our normal annual fundraising activities. This leaves the Sanctuary in a worrying position, unsure of how it is going to operate on a month by month basis throughout the winter ahead. We are therefore looking to raise much-needed funds through our new charity appeal – ‘Become a Friend of the Racehorse Sanctuary’“.  

For more insight into the excellent work carried out by the Racehorse Sanctuary, please click here to watch a recent video created for the charity.

A small regular donation of just £3 a month or a one-off donation will go a long way towards guaranteeing these wonderful deserving equines a new home or a safe haven for life. Due to the financial impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on all areas of life, a number of owners may leave racing and not all of their horses will be able to find suitable homes. This means that more racehorses will inevitably fall by the wayside, but there is still a lifeline which can continue with your donations and support. By helping to secure its future, you will enable the Sanctuary offer them a chance to be retrained, rehomed or simply cared for, enabling them to have a life after racing. Therefore, please become a friend of the Racehorse Sanctuary and help the charity to create a future that all ex-racehorses deserve.

To ‘Become a Friend of the Racehorse Sanctuary’, please visit