Sussex-based charity The Racehorse Sanctuary is delighted to receive a grant from Support Adoption for Pets (SAFP). Founded in 2006, the Sanctuary works hard to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome ex-racehorses and thoroughbred broodmares. Because the Racehorse Sanctuary receives no government help, it relies on support from the general public and grant funding to continue its work.

The huge impact of Covid-19 on the third sector

The past few months have been the hardest in the charity’s history. Financial pressure began to build as the full impact of Covid-19 on the third sector became apparent. Supporters of the Racehorse Sanctuary normally do an incredible job raising both funds and awareness via sporting challenges, race days, sponsored events and more. But during the outbreak they were all were in lockdown and so were unable to help. One-off donations to the Sanctuary dried up as incomes were squeezed and the economy contracted. The future looked so bleak for the charity.

Timely help from Support Adoption for Pets

Support Adoption for Pets (SAFP) has donated a grant of £7,500 to the Racehorse Sanctuary. The money is to be split between vet’s bills, feed, salaries and utilities/consumables. This amazing sum of grant funding has come at a very important time for the Sanctuary and will enable the staff and volunteers to continue to look after the thoroughbred races who need help to find their forever home after racing. SAPF is an animal adoption charity founded in 2006 by the retailer Pets at Home. They aim to transform the lives of abandoned pets in need by supporting and investing in local rescue centres.

The Racehorse Sanctuary’s co-founder Graham Oldfield commented:

“I’m so delighted the Racehorse Sanctuary has met the grant funding criteria! It’s just amazing to receive this grant from Safe Adoption for Pets. Because we give horses all the time they need to be ready for their new home our running costs are always at the back of our minds. This will help us to pay vets bills and support our rehoming programme, finding these amazing animals their place in the world. Thank you SAFP”

Would you would like to support the Racehorse Sanctuary so that they can continue their work? The team are always on the hunt for people to Sponsor a Horse or become a Friend of the Sanctuary. Making an ongoing commitment to the charity enables them to plan for the future because they have a reliable income. Let’s hope that together, we can help ease their constant income worries. Visit the website and donate if you can, because these horses deserve a chance!