Hooves & Love, home of beautifully-presented gift boxes for those who love equestrian and country living, has unveiled the new Luxe Collection. The collection comprises five gorgeous new candle scents. They have all been hand-selected by Hooves & Love founder Emma for their blend of floral, uplifting and relaxing aromas. 

The Hooves & Love candles are crafted from natural, sustainably-sourced coconut wax. This and natural essential oils ensures the candles aren’t harmful to your health or the environment around you. The candles are also paraffin-free, paraben-free, palm oil free, non-toxic, cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. Customers can choose from the following scents:

Jasmine & Oud

The intense, sweet scent of jasmine partners perfectly with the rich depth of oud in this candle. The deep, sensual, indulgent fragrance calms the mind, strengthens the power of thought, and de-stresses.

Wild Rose & Oud

Wild rose evokes the delicate beauty of rose petals and their contrast besides the strong, wild plant which they grow from. The wild rose oil is used for its calming and antidepressant properties in aromatherapy. Combined here with oud, it’s a truly lovely fragrance for the home.

Peony & Oud

The Peony essential oil adds an enchanting, sweet aroma to this candle, which is perfectly complemented by the warm, woody scent of oud. The oil is extracted from the beautiful pink blossom of the peonies first thing in the morning. Coupled with oud, the oil has astonishing depth.

Amber & Oud 

The sweet warm amber paired with woody oud gives this candle extraordinary depth and it’s a truly luxurious scent. Amber calms and comforts the body and mind. Its earthy undertones help to ground emotions and additionally relieves stress and anxiety.

Lavender & Oud 

Known for its sleep inducing properties, lavender soothes the body and calms the mind. Coupled with with oud, it’s given a depth that will fill a home with delightful scent. Light it to unwind after a long day and for a tranquil, restful night’s sleep.

The candles (£30.00) are hand-poured into a pretty glass jar with a label featuring striking complementary equestrian imagery. The boxes are then carefully tucked into branded Hooves & Love gift packaging. 

For those who hope to find a gift for the true scented candle aficionado, they will also find the Luxe Gift Box (£45.00). Here customers can again select their favourite candle but with a gleaming candle snuffer and a pair of wick-trimming scissors. The candle accessories are available in either gold, rose gold or silver. 

The new Hooves & Love candles are perfect for horse lovers who like the finer things in life whenever they relax and unwind. The candles will be a luxury they will look forward to experiencing again and again. Shop the Luxe Collection on the Hooves & Love website now.