The latest gift box from Hooves & Love delivers a perfect package of pampering goodies to your favourite horsey person, so it’s rather like a hug in a box! We think it’s the perfect present when our relaxation and social lives are entirely based in our homes. 

It’s a strange and stressful time out there at the moment and many people would love to be able to hug loved ones or meet friends for a good natter. For now, of course, virtual chats will have to do. But it is possible to give your friends and family a hug from afar! The latest gift box from Hooves & Love is packed with gorgeous toiletries and an artisan jasmine and oud candle to help you unwind.

The Relax & Pamper Box

The Relax & Pamper Box comes hand-packed in a beautiful box

Hooves & Love is an online gifting company selling beautiful boxes packed with British gifts that you won’t find in high street shops. Founder Emma selects every single element and personally tests them for quality and value for money. The Relax and Pamper Box (£35.00) is filled with luxurious toiletries from small British brand The Dartmoor Soap Company. All the Dartmoor Soap Company’s products are handmade on Dartmoor using natural ingredients and they really do smell divine. The Relax and Pamper Box contains the following products: 

  • A branded Hooves & Love artisan Jasmine & Oud Candle
  • The Dartmoor Soap Co. Aromatherapy Bath Truffles
  • The Dartmoor Soap Co. Soothing Hand & Body Wash Wild Rose & Geranium
  • The Dartmoor Soap Co.  Spirit of the Moor Soap
The Relax & Pamper Box is packed with pampering goodies

If you’re on the hunt for a special gift for someone celebrating a birthday in lockdown, this is perfect. Or perhaps you’d just love to be able to send a friend something that will help them spoil themselves in these unsettling times? Just imagine them unwrapping the beautiful Hooves & Love-branded box and uncovering the delights that have been hand-packed inside! All they need to add is a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the bathroom door and a copy of their favourite magazine! Take a closer look at the Relax and Pamper box here: