Pegasus Jewellery first introduced their Vitality Bracelets in autumn 2017 and, in just one year, the range has gained legions of loyal fans who credit the magnetic therapy bracelets with helping them get a better night’s sleep, easing aches and pains and boosting their energy levels. What’s more, the health-boosting benefits of the Vitality bracelets are contained in a beautiful range of bracelets that include colourful silicone, braided leather and sleek metal link bracelets all of which look wonderful stacked with other jewellery or as pride of place on their own.

Pegasus Jewellery is now delighted to unveil the highly anticipated Vitality Rings, which feature the very same combination of the powerful magnet neodymium and the chemical element Germanium as the bracelets, but this time packaged in a collection of four sleek and contemporary ring styles. Depending on their personal style and taste, customers can choose from: 

PURE (£29.95, 5mm width) is a simple unisex design crafted from silver stainless steel.

HALO (£30.00, 5mm width) is an elegant ring crafted from silver stainless steel and featuring one central cubic zirconia stone.

BOLD (£35.00, 6mm width) is a beautiful two-tone stripe design crafted from silver stainless steel and featuring a silver stripe between two bands of rose gold.

WAVE (£35.00, 6mm width) is an eye-catching, stunning design, crafted from silver stainless steel and featuring a two-tone wave design combining silver and rose gold.

So how do the Vitality Rings work? The powerful combination of neodymium and germanium are encased in three small raised elements within the ring, and it is these elements that improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue, helping the body to rest and recover more efficiently. The Vitality collection is credited with helping with a number of health conditions including stress, insomnia, tiredness, muscle pain, back pain, sciatica, poor circulation, headaches, the symptoms of the menopause and fibromyalgia. Placing the magnet and germanium as close as possible to the skin (and therefore the blood vessels) of the wearer helps to maximise their effect, so adding the benefits of the Vitality bracelets to a ring was the natural next step for Pegasus Jewellery.

You can explore the entire Vitality collection from Pegasus Jewellery on their website here, including the exciting Vitality Rings – which design will you choose?