Pegasus Jewellery unveil the new Vitality Boost Bracelet. Brand new for winter 2019 and the very latest addition to the best-selling Vitality range. The Vitality jewellery collection to date has boasted the powerful therapeutic magnet Neodymium. But the Vitality Boost sees the introduction of exciting holographic technology. Just in time for the cold and short days of winter.
The Pegasus Vitality Boost Bracelets (£20.00) combine an embedded hologram with the powerful chemical element Germanium. Which is the magic extra ‘ingredient’ in the Vitality magnetic therapy jewellery. Designed to boost both body and mind. The hologram is contained within a silicone bracelet. Which features the embossed Pegasus Jewellery logo.
It is believed holograms have naturally occurring frequencies. These complement the human energy field. Optimising energy levels and improving strength, balance and flexibility. Also added to this new design is Germanium. This is for its therapeutic properties. Which help to balance positive and negative ions in the body. Which is excellent for relieving stressed muscles. As well as alleviating aches and pains.

5 colours to choose from

This new bracelet is available in five exciting colours – grey with a pink interior and blue with a white interior. As well as red with black inside, purple with black inside and black with grey inside. The bracelets do not have a traditional catch. They simply stretch over the hand then fit snugly on the wrist. They come in sizes Extra Small (16cm diameter), Small (17cm diameter), Medium (19cm), Large (20.5cm) and Extra Large (22cm).
The bracelet works just as well worn alone as it does paired with one of the Vitality magnetic bracelets. Perfect for extra oomph in boosting energy and wellness. Therefore, they might just be the perfect addition to the jewellery collection for horsey and outdoorsy folk. Especially as we get nearer to the delights of a British winter and cold season.
Finally, take a closer look at the brand-new Vitality Boost Bracelet here.