Fenton & Charles are delighted to launch a new product for 2018, their tempting Roast Duck Wings. The launch of this product adds another a high-value healthy treat to their extensive range of 100% natural treats and complete dog foods.

Right now, up and down the country, people are trying to stick to New Year diets and ensure they eat well in 2018. After all, we know how important it is for humans to eat good-quality additive-free food to stay healthy, and the New Year is the perfect time to start. But if we know how important natural and healthy food is for us, why not apply the same principles to your dog’s feeding regime? Treats, whether they are fed for training, as a boredom buster or just because you want to show your pet how much you love them, can be as healthy as they are tasty to help keep your pet in tip-top condition throughout its life.

Delicious Roast Duck Wings, the latest addition to Fenton & Charles’ natural and hypoallergenic dog food range, are made from 100% duck with absolutely no additives at all – perfect for dog lovers who want to ensure that the treats they feed keep their pet’s insides as happy as they look on the outside! No salts or chemicals are used to preserve the duck wings that make up these tasty treats, they are simply roasted and air dried to ensure they reach pampered pooches in perfect condition.

Fenton & Charles’ Roast Duck Wings are so tasty and natural that the company have to remind customers that these treats are for dogs only, and not for owners to take a little nibble on if they are feeling peckish on walks… Find out more about the entire range of Fenton & Charles dog food on their website www.fentonandcharles.co.uk and make a positive change for your dog’s health today.

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