Barker & Sloane, the 100% natural, luxurious skincare brand allows people who love spending time in the field to embrace the elements. No longer do they need to worry about the effect it has on their skin.

Firstly, a day in the field can leave us feeling happy and elated. But, with a ruddy, red and wind-chapped face that lasts for days afterwards! Beautiful skin requires a dash of commitment and reliable, high-quality products. If your hobbies involve the great British outdoors at all different times of the year, this is just perfect for you!

Barker & Sloane has developed a range that holds the key to fresh-faced beauty in the field.

Launching May 2019

Barker & Sloane was founded by award-winning cosmetic formulator and bee farmer Claire Barker in rural Wiltshire. The effects of cold, wind and rain on the skin will be minimal with this natural skincare range. Furthermore, this ensures that time spent out embracing the elements will leave you feeling great inside and out.

Most noteworthy is that Claire already has extensive experience in creating her own successful honey and beeswax skincare range. She was keen to develop products specifically aimed at the issues created by spending lots of time outside.

The country collection

There are 3 products in the range. The Barker & Sloane® Daily Defender is a day moisturiser to protect against the effects of the day. The 12 Bore Boost Mist is a brilliant five-in-one face mist that soothes irritated skin, refreshes and sets makeup. It also reduces redness and helps prevent hyper-pigmentation.

Barker & Sloane’s range is all created from British plant extracts including white poppy seed oil and marshmallow root. Additionally, there are absolutely no synthetic ingredients or fillers lurking. With Purdey & Sloane’s cosmetics you can be assured that you aren’t using palm oil, parabens or silicones on your precious skin.

Lastly, try the full Barker & Sloane range for yourself at the Game Fair at Hatfield House this coming July, where the brand will be exhibiting alongside much-loved country clothing brand Emma Brown Tweed on the prestigious Gunmakers Row. Finally, for now, keep an eagle eye on the Barker & Sloane social media channels for news of the website launch and sign up for VIP access to special introductory offers here.