Haygain is delighted to announce that a limited-edition HG One Hay Steamer will be on sale soon. And.. its pink! After the huge success of last year’s limited-edition vivid purple HG One.

Following a social media poll to choose 2019’s limited edition colour. The public chose…. Bright and eye-catching pink! It was a tough choice between bright green, royal blue and purple.

The limited-edition pink HG One Hay Steamer will be on sale on Haygain’s website from the middle of July. It offers a fun and colourful change from the normal black steamers the company sells.

Steaming hay reduces respirable dust. In addition it also kills mould, fungal spores and bacteria spores. Which are all root causes of inflammatory airway disease (IAD). Furthermore, a recent large-scale research programme found that 88% of horses surveyed were suffering from IAD. Even though many showed no outward sign. IAD limits athletic ability in equines and can impact their day-to-day welfare and wellbeing.

Haygain is trusted all around the world. In order to ensure the best possible respiratory health in their horses, both at home and on the road. The compact size makes it the ideal choice for riders who spend weeks at a time away from their yard. But still want to ensure safe, dust-free forage.


The HG One includes Haygain’s patented aluminium manifold technology. Designed to steam hay from the inside out. To ensure even and thorough distribution of steam throughout. In addition, brass hose fittings withstand high steam temperatures and UV-resistant stabilised polyethylene ensure the hay steamer has an exceptionally long product lifetime.

Read more about the multiple benefits of steaming hay for horse and human health below. Register your interest in the Haygain HG One in limited edition pink here too: https://haygain.co.uk/pages/benefits-of-hay-steaming-1