West Sussex-based bridle designer Kelly Jones, founder of KellyJ Leather, is delighted to launch the revolutionary new Dual Padding Bridle. Designed in conjunction with Issi Russell of IR Leather, this innovative new bridle design features a new gel and foam padding. Chosen to distribute pressure evenly and stay soft and function for many years to come, the padding is a combination of a soft foam and Rolyan© viscoelastic polymer gel. The gel is carefully inserted in the pressure points of the bridle, offering an incredible level of comfort for the horse and dispersing any pressure generally associated around the ears, poll and noseband. This medical-grade gel doesn’t compress or flatten out over time. It is also resistant to freezing and degradation from the moisture in rain and sweat. To ensure the bridles are not bulky, the gel has been carefully set into the foam padding itself.

A new focus on bridle fit and design

These hand-stitched bridles are set to be the future in all levels of equestrian sport. Riders are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of bridle fit and comfort on horse performance. All the Dual Padding Bridles are made to measure and order by KellyJ Leather. The bridles and are available in the formats detailed below: 

  • Noseband: Available with a cavesson, crank, grackle or four-ring drop noseband. 
  • Browband: Choose your own bespoke browband, price includes Swarovski crystals if desired.
  • Reins: Included, select your style. 
  • Bridles: Available in a number of colours – get in touch for more information.

The Dual Padding Bridle from KellyJ Leather costs £450, or £370 without reins.

KellyJ Leather Bridles

About KellyJ Leather

Kelly Jones, the brains behind equestrian leatherworking brand KellyJ Leather, crafts bespoke bridles and other small leather goods from her studio deep in the West Sussex countryside. A true perfectionist and passionate equestrian, Kelly overcame dyslexia to become a member of the Society of Master Saddlers and worked under the tutelage of famous bridlemaker Issi Russell. Now, KellyJ Leather is forging an excellent reputation for carefully designed and beautifully made bridles. Leading event rider Alicia Hawker is a brand ambassador, helping to spread the word about KellyJ Leather bridles. In August of this year KellyJ Leather announced a partnership with Issi Russell of IR Bridles to launch the innovative Dual Padding Bridle as a joint initiative. 

Take a closer look at KellyJ Leather’s bridles and other leather work on her website: http://www.kellyjleather.co.uk