The ArcEquine (£449.00 for the complete kit) is an easy-to-use microcurrent device. Designed for use on equines, providing therapeutic treatment that promotes tissue repair at a cellular level. As well as helping to manage the pain associated with tissue damage. Here we take a look at some of the most common FAQ’s about the ArcEquine device. As well as going into more depth about how it works.

Why are microcurrents important for the healthy function of cells?

In healthy tissue, cells use naturally occurring currents to produce ATP and regulate normal metabolic activity. When there is damage within the tissue (an injury), the cells require more ATP to enable the healing process to take place. The rate in which the body can produce ATP is thought to be a major contributory factor to the time the body takes to heal and repair.

How does the ArcEquine device promote healing and pain management?

The ArcEquine microcurrent device supports the currents seen in all healthy cells. Kick-starting effective healing in damaged tissue and helping to ensure the horse is comfortable while that healing takes place. Microcurrent devices have been proven to be highly effective in encouraging and accelerating tissue repair. Increasing the production of ATP by up to 500%.

The ArcEquine microcurrent device is a totally drug-free and non-invasive therapy to promote healing. What’s more, the device doesn’t need to be sited right next to the injury to work. Microcurrent therapy is systemic which means the electrical currents travel to wherever they are needed in the horse’s body. Hence the device should be placed on a different leg each time it is used, ideal for use when an injury site is swollen and uncomfortable.

Is it easy to learn how to use an ArcEquine microcurrent device?

ArcEquine have designed their product, which is the world’s smallest wide-spectrum microcurrent device, especially for use in equine rehabilitation and therapy and to be as easy to use as possible. The ArcEquine device comes programmed with a recommended 6-week treatment protocol. Calibrated for tissue repair which should be used for a minimum of 3 hours a day, every day. The ArcEquine attaches to a horse’s leg with a padded strap. Furthermore, the company recommends switching it from one leg to another every time you use it.

The device is simple to operate, with pre-programmed electrical sequences to run through in the course of a healing schedule. Consequently meaning it requires no specialist training. Nor clinical knowledge to operate as it is battery powered. Above all ensuring you can carry on with other yard chores. Safe in the knowledge that the ArcEquine device is hard at work helping your horse heal and reducing any pain.

How can I find out more about injury rehabilitation using microcurrent therapy or browse the ArcEquine range?

There are multiple case studies on the ArcEquine website, demonstrating how effective they are in aiding recovery from a range of equine health issues. Including arthritis, tendon damage, laminitis, open wounds and much, much more. So, click the link here to take a look.

Finally, you can shop the ArcEquine range, and buy it in tandem with the human version the Arc4Health, in the ArcEquine online shop here.