Horseshoe Hearts hand-forge stunning bespoke gifts and homewares from horseshoes at their base in rural Hertfordshire, providing an array of beautiful products that are just perfect for people with a love of horses or the iconic ‘lucky horseshoe’. This summer the company have unveiled the perfect accessory for outside entertaining – whether you’re off to the polo with a marvellous spread, watching a classic Shakespeare play in the great outdoors or just fancy a big posh picnic in your very own garden then the innovative Horseshoe Wine Bottle and Glass Holder is just the ticket.

Crafted from used horseshoes as well as new horseshoes (the used ones are the only way to guarantee good luck you see, as the luck is ‘struck’ into the shoe with each footfall of the horse), the Wine Bottle and Glass Holder is a seriously attractive and smart way to ensure that your carefully chosen and perfectly chilled bottle stays safe and stable, away from children, dogs or careless feet.

Your bottle of choice sits in the middle of the holder with four glass holders positioned attractively around the edge, all elevated from the ground on a long and elegant supporting stake.  Regardless of whether you’ll be seated or standing at your summer event you will be able to stow your glass and the all-important bottle safely while you enjoy a glass or two thanks to the variable heights that the Horseshoe Wine Bottle and Glass Holder is available in.

The small version (£49.00 and with a single spike to push in the ground) stands at 65cm so is ideal for when you are settled into a chair or reclining on a picnic blanket in the sunshine.

The tall version (£58.00 and with a double spike to ensure stability for the bottle and glasses at a greater height) stands at 95cm meaning the bottles and glass will be positioned at hand height for those who are standing or cooking at a barbeque.  

Perhaps you want to buy this as a wonderful wedding gift for a happy couple on their big day, or to mark a special birthday? Horseshoe Hearts can personalise the Wine Bottle and Glass Holder with up to 8 characters, making it totally unique and extra special. The horseshoes are cleaned and heated to remove any dirt, rust and scuffs, and the end product is carefully filed to ensure that there are no sharp edges to catch on hands and legs. The application of a clear sealant means that the Wine Bottle and Glass Holder is fine to be left outside all year round, although Horseshoe Hearts and Gifts do recommend a twice-yearly treatment with clear lacquer to keep them looking their absolute best.

So, if you’re looking for a wedding gift, planning a garden party, heading off glamping or just fancy treating yourself to something to make this extraordinary summer even better, why not take a look at the Horseshoe Hearts Wine Bottle and Glass Holder – there’s no more elegant way to keep your summer drink safe from spills and easy to reach for!