British lifestyle brand Horseshoe Hearts are the ultimate up-cyclers, breathing new life into used horseshoes to create a range of beautiful, unique gifts and homewares. Their website is a veritable treasure-trove of statement pieces for the home, new takes on traditional home features and innovative new ideas. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for the horsey person who, bar another horse or two, has everything then Horseshoe Hearts will deliver the goods. Or perhaps you are searching for a unique housewarming gift and finding the high street a little lacking in inspiration?

The Horseshoe Fairy Sculpture (£58.00) is an elegant, gravity defying piece crafted from a full set of shoes that will look simply stunning in any home. A single shoe is hand-forged into a heart shape and the three shoes that make up the rest of the sculpture are then carefully balanced and welded, forming an eye-catching and unique piece. 

The Horseshoe Fairy Sculpture can be crafted from used horseshoes supplied by Horseshoe Hearts or from shoes supplied you, from a much-loved horse. What a fantastic way to preserve memories or celebrate a particularly successful (or perhaps memorable!) year competing. Horseshoe Hearts do insist that the shoes are used, as legend dictates that the luck is ‘struck’ into the shoes with every footfall of the horse – and who doesn’t need a little more luck? The shoes are heated, cleaned, brushed and filed to ensure the sculpture not only looks good, but is smooth to the touch and clean. The final flourish is a quick treatment with a clear sealant to ensure the sculpture doesn’t develop any rust – but it’s still only for indoor use unless it’s a balmy summers day.

To make this into an extra-special gift you can have arrange to have the Horseshoes Fairy Sculpture personalised with 8 characters on either side of the heart that forms the middle of the design – record a date, name or initials, whatever you choose! The sculpture is 27cm high, 13cm deep and 27cm wide (approximate sizing – this does depend on the size of the set used) so would make a beautiful centrepiece for a dining table or statement piece on a windowsill.

Everything on the Horseshoes Hearts website is 100% designed and made at their Hertfordshire workshop, so you will be supporting a British countryside business who aim to create something unique and special for every customer. You can find out more about the Horseshoe Fairy Sculpture here and browse the rest of the collection.