The Hooves & Love Mug (£8.00) is a simple yet meaningful way to say ‘thank you’ to a fellow equestrian. The slogan printed on this pretty ceramic mug is ‘Where there are hooves there is love’. This is something that will certainly ring true for horse lovers. We all know we are at our most content when spending time with our favourite equine friends.

Hooves and Love is an online treasure trove of carefully-selected gift boxes for horse lovers. The items are all hand-packaged in beautiful branded boxes, making the gift even more memorable.

The Hooves & Love collection

The Hooves & Love collection includes boxes packed with jewellery, tweed handbags, scented candles and snug socks. There’s even goodies for beloved horses on the day of a show. The Mug is the perfect choice to give to someone who loves to sit down between riding with a nice cuppa. 

Making a cup of tea for someone is the tried and tested British method of offering support in a time of crisis. Plus it’s always an excuse to take a little break between boring chores! Digging out shavings banks, deep cleaning tack or scrubbing out water troughs simply must be interrupted by tea! What better way to take your tea than in a mug that gives a nod to a passion for horses? Plus it comes in a beautiful Hooves & Love ribbon-wrapped box!

Naturally, the mug is microwave and dishwasher-friendly (who can be bothered to wash up when there are horses to play with?) It comes with a notecard that can be personalised or left blank for your message.

Charity collaboration

As well as the warm fuzzy feeling you get from sending someone you care about a gift, there’s also another wonderful benefit to choosing the Hooves & love Mug. Hooves & Love are donating £2.50 from the sale of every single mug to the charity SAFE (Save Abandoned Fly Grazing Equines). The charity supports landowners in Berkshire and Surrey to legally rescue and re-home abandoned and neglected horses.

Take a look at the Hooves & Love Mug as well as the rest of the equestrian-themed gift boxes here: